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Alessandra de Osma: She clarifies the rumors about her marriage to Prince Christian

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Alessandra de Osma and Prince Christian von Hanover have been married for five years, but there is speculation about their history of knowing each other. So far. In a new interview, Sassa now speaks clearly.

In 2017 Alessandra de Osma, 34, and Prince Christian of Hanover, 37, got married in London, a year later there was a church celebration in Peru’s capital Lima – with a top notch guest list. Among other things, Princess Beatrice, 33, and Kate Moss, 48, attended the dream wedding.

Alessandra de Osma became a style icon through marriage

On her wedding day in March 2018, Alessandra wore a wedding dress by Spanish designer Jorge Vézquez and was allowed to wear a Hannover tiara. A great honor, as the 34-year-old reveals in an interview with the Spanish edition “Vanity Fair”. “It was a great privilege to wear it, both for its sentimental and historic value. And it’s a nice gesture to wear something that has been in the family for decades to celebrate our union,” he said. she declared a lawyer by training. Her marriage eventually made her a style icon, and various media even dubbed her the “Princess of the Andes.”

“This story is a legend…”

Alessandra de Osma and Prince Christian are an absolute dream couple who reportedly met when Alessandra was just 14 years old. In her new interview, Alessandra clarifies this myth. “This story is legendary and it is still said that we met when we were 14! No, we first met when I was 18. He was traveling in South America and decided to spend some time in my country. Someone close to my family put him in touch with my cousins ​​​​and that’s how it all happened,” says de Osma.

She also reveals why she is usually referred to as “Sassa” colloquially. “When I was little I couldn’t pronounce my name correctly, it was too long, so I always said my name was ‘Sassa’. My family thought it was cute that I had a nickname and they called me like that from then on. I added the double S as a pre-teen. I’m definitely more comfortable with Sassa,” the 34-year-old explains.

Family life in Madrid

Alesssandra de Osma grew up surrounded by her extended family in the Barranco district of Lima, she has three brothers – Felipe, Juan Manuel and Vasco – and 30 cousins. Today she lives in Madrid with her husband Christian, the couple are parents to twins Nicolas and Sofia, both 1. Alessandra’s parents and stepfather Ernst August Prince of Hanover, 68, also enjoy staying in the Spanish capital. His brother-in-law Ernst August, Hereditary Prince of Hanover, 38, and his wife Ekaterina, 35, also visit the family frequently.

Alessandra and Ekaterina have become good friends over the years and both have an interest in fashion. However, does Sassa agree with Ekaterina’s description of her as “wonderful, loyal and organized”? “To be honest, yes: all three adjectives apply to me. Organized, of course. And also loyal,” de Osma told ‘Vanity Fair’.

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