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Alert in the United Nations and the Security Council due to the political crisis in Libya

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The great powers of the UN Security Council and the United Nations, in a meeting held yesterday, Wednesday, committed themselves very cautiously in the face of the political crisis that is shaking Libya, without any of them, with the exception of Russia, taking sides. side of one of the two rival authorities in that.
At the beginning of the session, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, said that “the Libyan executive branch is facing a crisis that, if not resolved, could lead to instability and parallel governments in the country.”

“The United Nations is making great efforts to resolve this crisis, to agree on a constitutional basis to hold elections, as soon as possible,” he said, praising the work of the American Stephanie Williams, special adviser to the United Nations secretary-general. .

“If this doesn’t materialize, the risk is a new division of institutions and the undoing of the gains made in the last two years,” said Rosemary DiCarlo.

France also called for “protection of profits”, while the United States said Libyans above all want elections, and Albania summed up the Western position citing “caution”, “patience” and “restraint”.

On the African side, there is no choice for the two executive authorities. Gabon’s ambassador, Michel Xavier Biang, said after the meeting on behalf of Ghana and Kenya, all of which occupy non-permanent seats on the Security Council: “We express our deep concern about the political stalemate and the diminishing gains that have been made so far.

Representing Russia, Russia’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, confirmed the opposite, highlighting his country’s support for the new executive authority chosen by the parliament in the east of the country and rejected by Tripoli, saying that “This is an important step to resolve the protracted crisis.”

The Security Council plans to extend the United Nations political mission in Libya at the end of next April, a deadline that coincides with the end of Stephanie Williams’ renewable contract, and the Russian diplomat stressed the need to appoint a new United Nations delegate “as soon as possible.”

Since the resignation of the Slovak Jan Kubis last November, he has not appointed a United Nations envoy to Libya, and a diplomatic source said, requesting anonymity, that the African Union will propose to the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, appoint an African envoy. . .

The same source added that the proposal receives the support of Russia and China in the Security Council, and it is assumed that Guterres will be presented with the names of a series of personalities so that he can make his decision and present it to the Security Council.

The demand to appoint an African as UN envoy to Libya is an old one, and in 2020 Africa nominated an Algerian and a Ghanaian, one after another, but these proposals were rejected by the United States.


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