He rejects that the PSOE proposes a line of attack against the PP

but concedes that the changes are intended to face the 2023 elections

He accuses the PP President of having “empathy” with only 5%, the “small percentage of those in power in this country”.


The education minister and PSOE spokesperson, Pilar Alegría, has downplayed the Feijóo effect in the polls, recalling that Pablo Casado also went home with some who gave him the president and “today it is not known where he is”. In fact, he denies that the PSOE has a “line of attack” to counter the PP president in the results the polls give him because, he assures, the government is focused on “protecting citizens” while he believes that the PP He only has “empathy” with 5% of the country, the small percentage of those in power.

In an interview with Europa Press, he reiterates that the main priority of the government and the socialists is to reduce the high inflation that Spain is experiencing and that this is not just a problem for that country. And in that goal of “bending the CPI curve,” they will continue to use measures to “protect the middle and working classes,” he asserts.

This is how the Minister of Education answered the question of how to counteract the Feijóo effect in the polls. According to him, the PSOE does not have a “line of attack” in this sense and in fact detracts from the good results that some polls have given the new PP President.

“I’m sure that Mr. Casado took home in his pocket many polls that bestowed upon him the presidency of this country for a ‘temporary or momentary state of mind, but the polls and the state of mind itself, as we do in this whole one change and fluctuate over time”.


In fact, he believes what remains of the legislature will be “forever” for the PP, also pointing out that there are still many months to go before regional and local elections. In this sense, he assures: “As the elections approach, we will put ourselves in the electoral mode that we take over the political parties”. He also added that when the PSOE is “united and motivated,” it is “unstoppable.”

The newly appointed PSOE Federal Executive Commission spokeswoman, however, concedes that the changes in the party took place in July — with the departure of Adriana Lastra, who was replaced by María Jesús Montero, and her own appointment — “They primarily participate , to face this new stage or this new season, to use a more sporting term, that we are starting now until this year 2023, which will be the election year”.

In addition, he points out that the goal is for them to continue explaining what the government is doing “with the greatest simplicity and pedagogy” of which they are capable. Add to that the decision to be “absolutely forceful,” as he points out, with the “misrepresentations” the PP makes in most issues.


It does not say whether there can be a reorganization of the executive after the summer, as has happened in the party: “I’m not the one who has to answer this question. As you know, it is the president of the party government that grants this opportunity to appoint and replace the executive. “And I, as you will understand, cannot and should not answer that question in any way,” he adds, before emphasizing that this government is focused on helping the middle and working classes who are suffering under Putin’s “unjust war on… Ukraine” suffers.

The Minister of Education does not hold back in criticizing the PP for not supporting any of the measures decided by the government before the pandemic and now because of the consequences of the war in Ukraine. In fact, he believes that PP President Alberto Núñez Feijóo has only “empathy” with the small percentage of “powerful” in this country, which he puts at 5 percent.

He uses the term in line with Feijóo’s statement that the PP lacked empathy in Catalonia, where he believes he needs more support if it wants to govern Spain.

Pilar Alegría finds it “strange” that the “People’s” leader recognizes this, adding that “in truth” there was not only a lack of “empathy in Catalonia”, but also in “Euskadi”, where the PP is practically represented be minimum”.

“I want to do this recognition of the lack of empathy that Mr. Feijóo has shown, also for the lack of empathy that he shows with the middle class and the working class of this country,” exclaims the minister, who reproaches the people for having the Labor reforms supported by the unions and employers, the increase in the SMI or the reduction in VAT on electricity. “The PP’s answer was always the same, no for no,” he concludes.


Regarding the project launched by the second vice-president of the government, Yolanda Díaz, and her decision not to stand in municipal and regional elections, she assures that she very much respects the decisions of other parties.

Asked how this decision will affect the PSOE and the possible pacts, Alegría limits himself to saying that the Sumar project is “positive” if the goal is “to mobilize the progressive electorate”. I think it’s a positive decision. “Anything that involves mobilizing the progressive electorate is welcome,” he says.

But also remember that in our country, in many parliamentary elections and in the various Autonomous Communities, the PSOE has been and is the majority party at central level, for which, as he specifies, “we always strive to keep the majority of the citizens” .

And he adds that in these elections, when the polling stations open, they will see if they “can govern alone like in Castile-La Mancha, Extremadura or in other municipalities” or they will have to make agreements with some parties.

The Minister of Education assures her that she cannot say whether she will see Yolanda Díaz in the PSOE in the future, because the current Vice President has to appear in the primary elections.

“Everything that has to do with the electoral lists, we do through primary elections, which are elected by our militants and supporters,” he argues.


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