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Alegría says the government is aware of “anger and uncertainty” due to Covid and the war

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He will exercise his position in the PSOE “vigorously when it comes to denouncing the lies and insults of the opposition”.


The new PSOE spokeswoman and Education Minister Pilar Alegría assured that the government is “fully aware” of this situation of citizens’ anger and insecurity following the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

In an interview in the newspaper El Periódico this Sunday, collected by Europa Press, he said that the NATO summit and the debate on the state of the nation showed that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, too, was “sacrificing the anger aware is away from the citizens”.

On the other hand, she has assured that it is an honor and a tremendous privilege to be the new spokeswoman for the PSOE, which she accepts after 23 years as a member of the party, defending that her predecessor colleagues and herself are trying to do their best and carry contributed their “grain of sand for the benefit of this project and this party”.

He detailed that the Secretary General of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, had asked him to present the position with clarity, tenacity, proximity and in an educational way, but also with “force when it comes to denouncing the lies and insults of the party opposition “.


Although he felt that the government occasionally lacked the knowledge of how to explain the content of some decisions or how to convey them more clearly and pedagogically, he warns that this has been a difficult legislature and that the government and the PSOE are not going to find it “in the catastrophe to which some, like the PP,” they want to lead, she said.

For Alegría, the measures proposed by the government since the beginning of the legislature and the Covid-19 pandemic “had only one goal, namely to protect ordinary people and to introduce measures to create this social shield”.

“After the 2008 crisis, the recipes were not the same and that needs to be explained and remembered,” stressed Alegría, who said that governing is not easy because it involves taking risks and making decisions, assuring that what the government will not do, is not the case, under no circumstances must he remain immobile in the face of difficulties.

Asked if the discrepancies within the government are demobilizing the left, she replied, recalling that this was the first coalition government in all democratic history, “So it’s possible that there will be a debate, and there is legitimate, logical and even healthy”. .


Referring to Spanish in the classrooms of Catalonia, he highlighted the happiness that he felt young people who are taught in autonomous communities with a co-official language have, although stressing the importance of “respecting the penalties in this country , and even more so when they are fixed sets”.

“It’s obvious that the PP has also used this issue, this identity problem, to divide us, to upset us,” he claims, calling it outrageous that language is being used as a rocket to divide society.

“It is still strange that the PP’s language criticism is focused on Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands or Euskadi. And what happens that it is not so in Galicia? It is a coincidence that it is the only autonomous community where the PP rules,” he added.

Source europapress.es

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