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Albares emphasizes the “tremendous cordiality” between the king and Petro, ignoring the controversy surrounding Bolívar’s sword



The Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, highlighted this Thursday the “tremendous cordiality” he expressed between King Felipe VI. and Colombia’s new President, Gustavo Petro, and the controversy surrounding the monarch’s decision not to stand when Simón Bolívar’s sword passes.

In statements to TVE collected by Europa Press, Albares avoided commenting on the episode that occurred during Petro’s inauguration ceremony, which he was also present at, provoking criticism from parties such as ERC, Bildu or Podemos who he asked Albares himself had supported the king’s decision to remain seated before Bolívar’s sword and said he would seek explanations from the government.

In return, the Foreign Minister emphasized the “enormous cordiality” he showed at the meetings before and after the inauguration between Felipe VI. and Petro assured. “From the king to the president of Colombia and vice versa,” he stressed.

In this sense, Albares has assured that the Spanish and Colombian authorities agree that the “extraordinary relations” between the two countries will continue under the mandate of Gustavo Petro and work towards “a common agenda”.

And he pointed out that Spain shares some of the priorities of the new Colombian president, such as his fight against climate change, protecting the environment and diversity, an agenda for peace or the fight against inequality.

“I want to pass on the tremendous harmony and warmth of these meetings and how Spain and Colombia will continue to work side by side,” he stressed, without mentioning the controversy.


Source europapress.es

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