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Al-Houthi is blowing up peace… terrorist attacks prevent consultations

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The Houthi militia rejects all calls to stop the war and start consultations leading to a lasting peace, and confronts it with more terrorist attacks.

And the latest of those calls was the Gulf Cooperation Council for a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue in Riyadh on March 29, which was very well received by the UN and internationally, as the Yemeni parties announced their agreement to accept the invitation to achieve security and peace.

But the Houthi militia preempted that call by declaring its rejection and taking more uncompromising positions, before going too far and launching terrorist attacks with ballistic missiles and 9 Iranian-made booby-trapped drones, which were confronted by coalition defenses. Arab after they were attacked. trying to target economic, civil and vital facilities.

Although the attacks caused no human loss and were limited to material damage, they sent a clear message about the refusal of the Houthi militias to engage in dialogue.

The terrorist attacks launched by the Houthi militia coincided with the meeting of their negotiating delegation with the UN envoy in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, in Muscat, in a clear and forceful message of defiance to the United Nations and the international community in the face of the permanent international inaction and failure to deter these attacks.

The moment of the attacks… the solution is the language of force

Yemeni politicians viewed the bombing of Saudi economic facilities by the Houthi militia as a full-fledged war crime aimed at renewing peace.

Advisor to the Information Minister and head of the Yemeni Media Association, Fahd Al-Sharafi, says that the timing of the missile attacks launched by the Houthi militia, confirming once again that it is a terrorist group that does not seek peace or calls for calm.

Al-Sharafi, a political and social leader in Saada, added in his interview with Al-Ain Al-Akhbar that the Houthi militia does not care at all about the human situation in Yemen, and that the terrorist attacks confirm the recklessness of the Houthis. the military and its withdrawal from politics, and its disrespect for international and regional calls, the last of which was a so-called GCC.

This terrorist group affirms day after day that the Houthi militia only understands the language of arms and that it only respects force, according to Al-Sharafi, who believes that the Yemenis first and their brothers from the Gulf Cooperation Council second, have have to reconcile their minds in front of this terrorist group.

He explained that defeating these militias requires “building fronts and unifying ranks to remove this group and treat it with the language of force, which is the best option to deal with terrorist groups so close to ISIS and al-Qaeda.”

Al-Sharafi concluded his remarks by emphasizing that the Iranian-backed Houthi militia cannot understand the language of politics as a terrorist group, and only the language of force is capable of curbing their terrorist attacks.

Iran is behind the attacks

The Gulf’s call for a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue in Riyadh opened wide horizons for Yemen to get rid of the war environment and bring peace to the country mired in the war of the Houthi militias, which is entering its eighth consecutive year.

Abdul Sattar Al-Shamiri, director of the Center for Khudood Studies in Yemen, believes the Houthi attacks are a practical response to calls from the Gulf for dialogue and peace between the Yemeni parties.

The Yemeni political researcher confirmed to Al-Ain News that the Iranian determination behind the idea that Al-Houthi is a project that should continue and spread, and not deal with any political calls or solutions, is the reason for Al’s intransigence. -Houthi.

He said: “Iran’s project that rejects any solution is behind this, and the Houthi militia’s link to Tehran makes it a prisoner of Iranian tendencies.”

Al-Shamiri downplayed the possibility that the Houthi militia would back down and accept the invitation, saying the Houthi attacks highlight Houthi intransigence rejecting peace initiatives, referring to the Houthi attacks coinciding with the international and Gulf movement to discuss a permanent agreement and sustainable solution in the country.

He stressed that the rejection of the Houthi options will be an indication of the legitimate government, and behind it the Arab coalition, going to the option of force and taking a military decision, to subdue the Houthi militia to stop the war.

He noted that going out of the decision option and not dealing forcefully with the Houthi militia will have negative results, including giving the Iranian-backed militias time and a chance to reorganize their ranks again and prepare for the next round. of conflict

The Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia stepped up their attacks on Saudi civilian objects and economic facilities on Saturday night and early Sunday.

The spokesman for the Arab coalition forces said: “The Saudi Air Defense Forces and the Saudi Air Force intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile that was launched to target the city of Jizan, and also destroyed and shot down ( 9) booby-trapped drones that were launched towards Jazan, Khamis Mushait, Taif, Yanbu and South Dhahran.

The selected sites included the Al-Shaqeeq brackish water desalination plant, the Jizan Aramco distribution station, the Dhahran Al-Janoub power transmission station, the National Gas and Industrialization Company service station in Khamis Mushait and Saudi Aramco’s liquefied gas plant in Yanbu.

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