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Akw is occupied by Russians: the power supply to the nuclear ruins in Chernobyl is apparently working again – politics

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister launches serious accusations against Germany

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba has made serious accusations against Germany due to his long Russia policy. “I’m sorry to say this: In fact, they helped build Russia’s current power.Kuleba said Sunday night on the ARD talk show “Anne Will.” “And we hope that you too will do a lot to stop the Russian war machine.”

Germany and Ukraine are partner countries, Kuleba said. But expect three things from Germany. First, your country needs all the weapons it needs to defend itself.. “I don’t think it’s fair that Germany has had large-scale defense cooperation with Russia in recent years,” Kuleba noted, “so maybe now is the time that we are given everything we need to defend ourselves.”

Second, Kuleba called for tougher punitive measures against Russia. I wanted to congratulate Germany on some tough decisions in the early days of the war. When he hears from his colleagues in the European Union why, for example, a Russian bank has not yet been disconnected from the Swift banking communication system or why certain sanctions have not yet been introduced, he always hears the same answer. “You always say: That’s for Germany.” He explained: “I would like to see Germany in a leading position with the sanctions.” In some cases, the US was also willing to go further, with Germany saying: “Little ones. Wait a minute, we have to be a little more careful, we have to wait and see.”

Third, Ukraine should become a member of the European Union.Kuleba said. This will not be possible in the blink of an eye. “But we hope that the federal government will also support this decision. Because Ukraine is part of Europe and with Ukraine Europe will be safer.” (dpa)

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