The Airsign vacuums are designed with eco-friendly materials and feature a minimalistic design that makes them easy to store. The 1200W motor provides strong suction for cleaning any surface type, including carpets or upholstery! You can purchase an extra filter subscription through their website which will help reduce upfront costs significantly while still providing high-quality service – not bad considering these stylish little cleaners only weigh 10 pounds each!

Our Verdict:

Bare Floors:

This Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a great choice for bare floors. It’s effective at removing pet hair and solid debris on these surfaces, making it perfect to use in your home or office! The short power cord means you’ll have access restrictions when vacuuming larger areas but the compact design makes up for this by being easy to manage with all components easily accessible through its minimalist design – just order some parts subscriptions from them if needed (they ship new dirtbags monthly).

  • Effectively removes pet hair and solid debris
  • Compact design makes it easy to manage
  • Short power cord for access restrictions
  • Subscription parts available for quick replacements.
  • Limited access when vacuuming larger areas
  • Higher price point than some competitors.

Low-Pile Carpet:

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is perfect for cleaning low-pile carpets. With its straight suction floorhead and retractable bristles, it cleans away most fine debris but larger materials can be left behind on the rubber wheels or flexible mouthpiece of this small vacuum cleaner when you’ve stored them in your bag’s dirt bin! You’ll have no problem navigating tight spaces with ease due to how lightweight these units are – plus they’re easy enough tO store anywhere too because who doesn’t love compact appliances?

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suction floorhead and retractable bristles for effective cleaning of low-pile carpets
  • Easy to navigate tight spaces
  • Larger materials can be left behind on the rubber wheels or flexible mouthpiece
  • May not work as efficiently on thicker carpeted surfaces.

High-Pile Carpets:

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a great option for cleaning high-pile carpets. With its floorhead bristles retracted, the vacuum has been surprisingly effective in dealing with pet hair and clearing away most larger debris worked into these fibers; however, it struggles minorly on fine particles that are tucked among strands of tightly packed threading found within plush carpets like those used at home or office buildings – which can make vacuuming more challenging than usual if you have limited space! Luckily there are three levels. of suction that you can choose from, allowing you to tailor the power of your cleaning to each specific level of debris. Additionally, the Airsign HEPA Vacuum’s advanced filtration system ensures a healthier atmosphere by trapping dirt and dust particles in its filter – making it a safer choice for those with allergies or asthma.

  • Retractable floorhead bristles easily remove pet hair and larger debris
  • Three levels of suction allow you to tailor your cleaning power
  • Advanced filtration system traps dirt and dust particles for a healthier atmosphere
  • Struggles with fine particles in tightly packed threading of plush carpets
  • Limited space may make vacuuming more challenging in some areas


Pet owners will love the Airsign HEPA vacuum for its ability to reduce pet hair across a wide range of surfaces. Its multi-stage filtration system is also effective in sealing fine allergens like dander, so your home stays cleaner longer! The dirtbags used by this machine have an extra collar which makes them easier (and less messy) when removing Simplicity from fabric or upholstery without having any spillage happen on account of their being caught within their bristles; however, it doesn’t come with standard equipment with either one–you’ll need to purchase those separately should you want them installed onto specific tools yourself.

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Powerful suction and multi-stage filtration system trap pet hair, dander, dust, and dirt
  • HEPA filtration traps fine allergens
  • Includes special accessories for cleaning pet fur and upholstery
  • Separately sold accessories can be expensive
  • Not suitable for large homes or commercial use
  • The HEPA filter may need to be replaced periodically.


The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is the perfect choice for cleaning stairs. Its small, lightweight design makes it easy to carry up and down flights of stairsteps with its nozzle rod extended or upright on carpeted surfaces like hardwood flooring – performing admirably well no matter what kind you have!

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to carry up and down stairs
  • Cleans carpeted surfaces just as well as hardwood flooring
  • Features a powerful HEPA filter to capture dust, dirt, pollen, and other allergens
  • May not have the power or suction needed for deep cleaning in certain areas of the house
  • Can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Expensive compared to other vacuums on the market.


The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is the perfect tool for cleaning out your car. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take it to you wherever! The long power cable allows thorough coverage of any surface in just about an hour – no need to go back every few minutes like before when using another type or less powerful model that only had short strokes (and often not even enough). I’ve found this particular brand does well on hard surfaces such as floors but also helps get rid of debris from trunk mats if used there too; its strong bristle brush attachment works nicely against messes inside seats though please note: they don’t include either turbo brush or crevice tool as part of their standard attachments. Finally, with HEPA filtration to capture even the smallest dust particles – you can be sure your car will remain fresh and clean for a long time after use!

  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Long power cable for thorough coverage
  • HEPA filtration to capture dust particles
  • Doesn’t include turbo brush or crevice tool as standard attachments
  • Can be difficult to use in tight places, such as trunk mats and seats.


The Airsign HEPA vacuum is designed to be used in tight spaces and on surfaces that are difficult for other vacuums. It has strong suction, which it uses to get rid of dirt even deep cracks or crevices; its biodegradable bags mean no more spending money throwing away old plastic ones while they’re still good! The only downside? You can’t use this powerful machine when there are liquid spills present because their material will melt too quickly–but then again who would want to carry around something so heavy anyway.

  • Strong suction power
  • Biodegradable bags
  • Compact and lightweight for tight spaces
  • Easy to use
  • Not suitable for liquid spills due to melting material
  • Relatively expensive compared to other vacuums of its size.

Comparison with other Vacuums:

The sleek and stylish Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a bagless canister vacuum that’s easy to operate with lower environmental impact than most other alternatives. Made partially from recycled materials, this modern machine performs similarly but has some unique features such as its compact body for storage convenience! The range isn’t as great so you’ll need an outlet near where the cleaning will take place when working on large rooms or apartments – just remember not every room needs its own special plug-in in case something gets stuck by accident while going about your daily tasks at home.


Build Quality:

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a pretty solid vacuum. It’s made mostly out of recycled materials and feels durable, though its button retracts randomly which can be annoying when you’re trying to clean up all the dust bunnies at your house! The bags are biodegradable so they’ll break down easily after use rather than hurting wildlife or leaving behind harmful toxins in landfills like other kinds would do – even if it doesn’t seem THAT different from regular dirtbags yet there are plenty more reasons why this product should win over traditional models.

User Maintenance:

Dirt Bag:

The dirtbag can be found under the cover of your vacuum and it’s a simple task to pull free. There are also seal rings that need opening before removing them so as not to release any dust or debris when taking out this bag; one indicator light on top will glow red if you have reached capacity!


The vacuum’s head is easy to clean, and pet hair isn’t a problem because you can disconnect it from the wand. While debris getting stuck in its bristles is an issue for some people but not others depending on how they use their vacuums

The straight-suction floorhead does not have motorized or air-driven brushroll which makes maintaining them easier than with other models where these things get blocked by all sorts of things from fire sprinklers.

Pre-motor Filters:

The pre-motor microfilter is located at the bottom of your dirtbag compartment and can be removed by pulling down on a release latch. There’s no maintenance interval given for this part but it might need to be replaced every once in a while depending on how much your traffic/use certain areas around town.


To get to the HEPA filter, you have to push on your exhaust cover at back left of the canister body and pop it out. No maintenance interval is given by the manufacturer.

Recurring Cost:

  • Bag Part Number Airsign AirBags
  • Filter Part Number Airsign Pre-Motor Filter
  • HEPA Filter Part Number Airsign HEPA Filter


The dirtbag is a great way to keep your pet’s waste secure and out of sight, but it must be replaced once full. You’ll find that there are four in each pack!


The pre-motor and post-motor exhaust filters are estimated to last for about six months.

For the price of one vacuum, you can have your own personal cleaner that comes with all sorts of attachments and filters!


  • Height 41.73″ (106.0 cm)
  • Width 10.04″ (25.5 cm)
  • Depth 15.75″ (40.0 cm)
  • Cord Storing Automatic
  • On-Board Tool Storage  Yes
  • Vacuum Rack/Station No

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a lightweight and easy-to-store appliance. The canister body has some notable differences from that of the Miele Classic C1 Powerline Pure Suction, but its handle-mounted clip makes carrying around accessories easier than ever before! You’ll also find space for storing your floorhead in this sleek design – no need to go without when you’re on the move thanks again vacuums with retractable cords (sometimes they pop out though)!

Dirt Compartment:

  • Bagless No
  • Volume 0.66 gal (2.50 L)
  • Full Indicator Yes
  • Bag Included  2

The Airsign vacuum is a smaller, more portable option that can be used by anyone. It has a HEPA filter to capture dirt particles and keep them from coming back into your home or office space!

In The Box:

  • Airsign HEPA Vacuum body
  • Telescopic wand
  • Main head
  • Hose
  • 3x Airsign dirtbags
  • 1x HEPA filter
  • 1x pre-motor filter
  • Crevice tool
  • Hard bristle brush tool
  • Branded cloth bag
  • Tool clip for a wand
  • Quick start guide

The Airsign HEPA vacuum is a great choice for those looking to keep their home clean and filtered. With its telescopic wand and bristle brush tool combo that includes a crevice tool as well as a hard-bristled cleaning utensil, it’s perfect! The main head can be used on any surface while the hose has enough length so you won’t have trouble reaching every corner of your carpet or upholstery without getting tangled together with other cords whenever possible.


  • Cordless No
  • Cord Length 14.60 ft (4.5 m)
  • Hose Length 5.74 ft (1.75 m)
  • Minimum Wand Length 2.85 ft (0.87 m)
  • Maximum Wand Length  3.77 ft (1.15 m)
  • Total Range 23.79 ft (7.25 m)

The Airsign vacuum is disappointing because of its short range. You’ll have to swap outlets frequently and may not be able clean most large areas with this machine, but it does provide some relief for those who live in high-reach homes or work environments where Cobwebs are common!


  • Total Weight 13.89 lbs (6.30 kg)
  • Weight In Hand 1.08 lbs (0.49 kg)
  • Carrying handle Yes

The portable Airsign HEPA Vacuum is perfect for those who have trouble with their balance or just can’t make it up steps. It’s heavier than cheaper alternatives like the Eureka Mighty Mite, but its aluminum wand rests lightly in your hand when not being used and once you retract its power cord, flipping this upright vacuum into a carrying position makes transport easy!

Quality Of Life Features:

  • Rotating Head Yes
  • Power Adjustment Yes
  • Self-Propelled No
  • Headlights  No
  • Easy On/Off Yes
  • Head Surface Type Adjustment Manual

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a high-quality product that offers multiple settings for suction power. It also comes equipped with an adjustable motorized filter system and indicator lights to let you know what level of performance your machine has reached, as well as allow focus on surfaces such issues carpet or hardwood flooring without having any difficulty pushing around due to its powerful brush bar design!

Tools And Brushes:

  • Brushroll No
  • Brushroll On/Off No
  • Removable Brushroll No
  • Turbo Brush No
  • Crevice Tool  Yes
  • Upholstery Tool No
  • Soft Bristle Brush No
  • Hard Bristle Brush Yes
  • Extension Wand Yes
  • Ceiling Fan Tool No
  • Pet Grooming Tool No

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum comes with an arsenal of attachments for cleaning every nook and cranny. There’s a crevice tool to get into tight corners, a hard-bristle brush designed specifically for scrubbing away stuck-on dirt (it’ll even pull it out!), plus two different types: one that extends onto floors or retracts back down when vacuuming higher pile carpeting–the kind found on many Miele models like their Classic C1 Powerline Pure Suction upright vacuum cleaner; another style has bristles approximately 12 inches long which you can use depending upon your needs.

Alternative Configuration:

With the vacuum wand and floorhead detached, you can carry it in a semi-handheld configuration.


Bare Floors:

  • Large Debris at 0 gal (0L) 100%
  • Large Debris at 0.07 gal (0.25L) 100%
  • Large Debris at 0.2 gal (0.75L) 100%
  • Large Debris at 0.4 gal (1.5L) 100%
  • Large Debris at 0.8 gal (3L) N/A
  • Large Debris at 1.6 gal (6L) N/A
  • Small Debris at 0 gal (0L) 100%
  • Small Debris at 0.07 gal (0.25L) 100%
  • Small Debris at 0.2 gal (0.75L) 100%
  • Small Debris at 0.4 gal (1.5L) 100%
  • Small Debris at 0.8 gal (3L) N/A
  • Small Debris at 1.6 gal (6L) N/A

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is the perfect solution for your home’s finest floors. It can easily remove even small particles like rice or cereal, which are difficult to vacuum up with other brands’ vacuums because they don’t have powerful enough motors!

Low-Pile Carpets:

  • Large Debris at 0 gal (0L) 60%
  • Large Debris at 0.07 gal (0.25L) 60%
  • Large Debris at 0.2 gal (0.75L) 60%
  • Large Debris at 0.4 gal (1.5L) 60%
  • Large Debris at 0.8 gal (3L) N/A
  • Large Debris at 1.6 gal (6L) N/A
  • Small Debris at 0 gal (0L) 71%
  • Small Debris at 0.07 gal (0.25L) 71%
  • Small Debris at 0.2 gal (0.75L) 70%
  • Small Debris at 0.4 gal (1.5L) 70%
  • Small Debris at 0.8 gal (3L) N/A
  • Small Debris at 1.6 gal (6L) N/A

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a great option for those with low-pile carpets. It excels at collecting and clearing away most fine debris, but larger particles like sand can get stuck around its floorhead wheels or bristles when it’s retracted into the vacuum body (though this doesn’t affect performance).

High-Pile Carpets:

  • Large Debris at 0 gal (0L) 73%
  • Large Debris at 0.07 gal (0.25L) 73%
  • Large Debris at 0.2 gal (0.75L) 73%
  • Large Debris at 0.4 gal (1.5L) 72%
  • Large Debris at 0.8 gal (3L) N/A
  • Large Debris at 1.6 gal (6L) N/A
  • Small Debris at 0 gal (0L) 51%
  • Small Debris at 0.07 gal (0.25L) 50%
  • Small Debris at 0.2 gal (0.75L) 50%
  • Small Debris at 0.4 gal (1.5L) 49%
  • Small Debris at 0.8 gal (3L) N/A
  • Small Debris at 1.6 gal (6L) N/A

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a great tool for getting rid of pesky allergens and pet dander. It’s able to pull in large areas like sand, but you might have more success with finer particles such as baking soda if your carpet has high-pile tendencies.

Pet Hairs:

  • Bare Floor 99%
  • Low-Pile Carpet 99%
  • High-Pile Carpet 99%

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is great at removing pet hair from bare floors, low-pile carpets, and high-pile carpets. However, it’s worth noting that if you have long locks then your chances of getting stuck with some fluff in between the buttresses may occur as well!

Suction Quality:

  • Maximum Suction  7.6 inH₂O (1.89 kPa)
  • Setting Used For Maximum “Highest Suction”, Head Position “carpet setting” (suction valve closed)
  • Normal Suction 2.0 inH₂O (0.51 kPa)
  • Setting Used For Normal “Highest Suction”, Head Position “floor setting” (suction valve closed)
  • Hose Diameter 1.4″ (3.5 cm)

The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a powerful tool for any home with its easy-to-use controls and high performance. It’s great at picking up even the smallest particles from cracks or messes, making it an essential addition to your cleaning routine!


  • Bare Floor 78.6 dBA
  • Low-Pile Carpet 76.9 dBA

The quiet and smooth rolling Airsign HEPA Vacuum makes it easy to clean any room without disruptive noise. It has an average suction rate that can reach up 75dBs, which will drown out the sound of people speaking nearby at normal volumes in your home or office space while still being quieter than many similarly priced alternatives like Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball vacuum when you need something powerful but also water efficient!


The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is a great choice for those who need to clean up tight spots and obstructions. The lightweight wand makes it easy enough that even beginners can use this tool, while its two wheels offer improved maneuverability in any space you’re exploring – from carpets or furniture legs all the way down into crevices of your own making!

Pet Hair Furniture Performance:

With its hard-bristle brush, the Airsign HEPA Vacuum is pretty effective at picking up long strands of hair but may leave some shorter ones behind. To make sure all pet dander (and dust) are removed from your sofa or chair, use one hand to gently push down on top while brushing with another – this will helporporated any loose particles get vacuumed along too! A dedicated furniture tool would improve performance here as well; mini turbo brushes work best when paired with these vacuums because they’re softer than regular household fibers which allow cleaner passes without causing damage.

Air Quality:

The durable, high-performance design of the Airsign HEPA Vacuum makes it an excellent choice for any home. It features a multi-stage filtration system that includes its dirtbag pre-motor filter and exhaust filters with charcoal layers to cut down on odor!


The Airsign HEPA Vacuum is an excellent choice for cleaning up all your floors. It can easily clean debris in both shallow and medium-depth cracks when using its floorhead, but some small amount of dirt might be left behind if you’re going after deeper crevices with its nifty crevice tool!


The Airsign HEPA Vacuum did not work well in dealing with dried-on stains. The manufacturer recommends retracting the vacuum bristles for these types of stains, but since it has hard plastic edges they scratched the vinyl flooring used as a testing surface too easily causing unwanted damage!

Things to Consider Before Buying Airsign HEPA Vacuum

  • The size of the vacuum cleaner: Airsign HEPA Vacuum Cleaners come in different sizes, so you have to decide which one works best for your needs. Consider the size and weight of the unit as well as its power before making a purchase.
  • Noise level: If you are sensitive to noise, then it’s important to check how loud the Airsign HEPA Vacuum Cleaner is when it’s operating. Check if there is a sound rating or decibel level associated with the product before buying it.
  • Suction power: Suction power is essential for effectively picking up dirt and debris from carpets and other surfaces. Make sure that you select a model with enough suction power to do the job.
  • Filters: Airsign HEPA Vacuum Cleaners come with various types of filters, such as pre-motor and post-motor filters. Make sure that you choose a model with an efficient filtration system so that it can effectively remove dirt particles and allergens from the air.
  • Accessories: Some models come with additional accessories like hoses, extension tubes, or brushes for cleaning different types of surfaces or hard-to-reach areas. Check if these accessories are included in the package before buying a vacuum cleaner.
  • Price: Last but not least, consider your budget when buying Airsign HEPA Vacuum Cleaners. Compare prices from different brands and decide on the one that works for your needs and budget.

These are some of the things to consider before buying Airsign HEPA Vacuum Cleaners. Make sure you research different models, compare features and prices, and read customer reviews to find the right one for your needs.

Is it Worth Buying Airsign HEPA Vacuum?

Yes, Airsign HEPA Vacuum is worth buying. This powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of features that make it ideal for cleaning your home. The Hepa filter captures up to 99.97% of dust particles and allergens, giving you an excellent level of air quality in the room where it is used. It also has excellent suction power which helps to remove dirt and debris from carpets and hard surfaces quickly and efficiently. It is easy to maneuver around tight corners or tricky spots due to its swivel head design. Finally, the long-lasting lithium battery ensures that you can use your Airsign HEPA Vacuum for extended periods without having to worry about recharging often. With these features combined, it is no wonder that Airsign HEPA Vacuum is worth the investment.


Is Airsign a good vacuum?

Airstream is a good vacuum because it has strong suction and a cord wrap system that keeps cords tidy. With an Airstream, you can quickly and easily clean your floors without any hassle.

Are HEPA filters in vacuums worth it?

HEPA filters are worth it because they can trap allergens and other particles in the vacuum. This can help keep your home environment clean and healthy.

What is the difference between a HEPA vacuum and a regular vacuum?

A regular vacuum does not have a filter that captures allergens and other particles. A HEPA vacuum does have a filter that captures these particles, which can be helpful for people with allergies.

What is the best HEPA upright vacuum cleaner?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best vacuum cleaner for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. That said, some of the best HEPA upright vacuum cleaners on the market today include models from brands like Dyson, Shark, and Hoover. These vacuums are known for their powerful suction and HEPA filters that capture allergens and other particles. So if you are looking for a quality HEPA upright vacuum cleaner, these brands are worth considering.

Final Words:

Airstream HEPA Vacuum Cleaners are a great option for those who want powerful suction and excellent air quality in their homes. With various types of filters, accessories, and long-lasting batteries, these vacuums offer everything you need to keep your floors spotless. So if you’re looking for an effective vacuum cleaner that will last for years to come, consider investing in an Airsign HEPA Vacuum Cleaner. It may be worth the investment!