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Airport Association ADV: Relaxation at airports only in October


Status: 07/20/2022 10:33 a.m.

According to the airport association, the chaos at German airports will continue for months. An improvement in the situation is not expected before October. The SPD calls for returns to state security checks.

Long waiting times, missing luggage: According to the airport association ADV, the shortage of staff and the resulting problems at German airports are not expected to ease for the time being. “Current conditions do not meet our requirements,” ADV chief executive Ralph Beisel told The World. An improvement is not expected before October – also because the number of applications for temporary employees from Turkey has not been received as hoped.

There is no background check required

Up to 2,000 Turkish employees were to be hired on a temporary basis, in particular to stabilize the loading of baggage at German airports, affected by the lack of staff. For work at airports, however, a so-called background check is required. However, the corresponding requests from Turkey are not yet available, as confirmed by various competent authorities of the “world”.

“According to the current state, there are no applications for potential employees from Turkey,” said a spokesman for the Frankfurt police headquarters. So far, there have also been no corresponding requests for the airports of Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich, the “Welt” reported.

Authorities have also rejected requests from the aviation industry to speed up reliability checks given the lack of staff at airports. “Simplifications or stratifications in the reliability check are basically not possible,” said a spokeswoman for the Berlin-Brandenburg aeronautical authority. A global recognition of applications from foreign employees is also not possible.

SPD demands state security checks

Due to the sometimes chaotic conditions at German airports, the SPD demanded that security checks be placed under state sovereignty again. Zanda Martens, SPD rapporteur on air passenger rights in the Bundestag’s Legal Committee, told the ‘Handelsblatt’ newspaper that “the experience by which sovereign air safety tasks were handed over to private decades ultimately failed”. Aviation security tasks should therefore be returned to the public sector.

Martens proposed Düsseldorf Airport as a nationwide model project to reduce aviation security tasks. “In the medium term, the model project must show that the federal government does not outsource its aviation security tasks to private service providers, but must retain responsibility and control for working conditions, smooth operational processes and a effective defense against terrorism.”

National SPD politician Sebastian Hartmann pleaded in the “Handelsblatt” for orientation at Munich airport. There, checks are organized by an airline security company in which the Free State has a 51% stake. “The SPD parliamentary group has been campaigning for years for security checks at German airports to be returned to the state, in line with the Munich model,” Hartmann said. The Union blocked this for years.


Source www.tagesschau.de

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