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Ahead of Biden’s phone call with Xi, US warns China against military aid to Russia

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Integration officer expects more Russian asylum requests

According to the Federal Government Commissioner for Integration, Reem Alabali-Radovan, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine is likely to generate more asylum claims from Russian citizens in the medium term. “I think we have to wait for more asylum applications to be made by people from Russia”, he told the German Press Agency. Everyone in Germany has the right to apply for asylum, which of course also applies to Russian citizens. As with all other asylum applications, there will be an individual assessment.

In January, 172 people from the Russian Federation applied for asylum in Germany, and in February there were 187 applications. The Federal Ministry of the Interior also did not record a significant increase in figures in March. However, there are increasing reports of Russians having left for Armenia, Georgia or the Baltic states since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Unlike 2015, now more elderly people come, many women with children and also children from orphanages and workshops for the disabled, which sometimes requires different solutions. “We try to make sure that, for example, children who come from orphanages can stay together as a group,” Alabali-Radovan said. (dpa)

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