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Against brain aging, play chess

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According to the website better with health, chess originated in India or a nearby regionwhere they called him chaturanga That is army game. It then spread to China, Russia, Persia and various European countries. The word in Spanish comes from a deformation of shatranj, which is the old Persian name of the game.

After reading, it is the activity that allows you to exercise the mind the most. Due to its characteristics, it promotes cerebral agility and learning. In addition, it improves the ability to concentrate and memory.

In an interview given by the psychologist Consuelo Alvarez at the review positive psychologythe specialist commented that “among all challenging activities, chess stands out, because not based on repetitive activity -like most memory games- but creative, which has more value”.

yes it is a sport

Sports are regulated physical activities or exercises in which skill, dexterity or physical strength are tested.. They don’t have to be competitive, although that’s the most common.

In the case of chess, the debates are whether there is physical activity in the game. Although there is, but it manifests differently compared to other disciplines. Chess is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)of the International Chess Federation (FIDE, according to its acronym in French) and of most countries”, this is what the aforementioned portal points out.

Each game is a duel that can last several hours or even days. There can be games of maximum tension in which the nerves, the concentration, The strategy and the various abilities of the athletes play a fundamental role.

In chess, it is very likely that whoever makes a mistake will lose. So there is hardly any room for error. That’s to say, before each movement there is a great responsibility that generates a significant physical and psychological load.

Source metroecuador.com

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