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After the victory at the European Championship: the “Lionesses” celebrate their dream come true


Status: 01.08.2022 2:41 p.m.

After England’s first major footballing title in 56 years, the national team’s joy knows no bounds. The triumph of the European Championship will be duly celebrated in the motherland of football – the day after the final also in the heart of London.

Thousands of ‘Lionesses’ fans gathered in Trafalgar Square on Monday afternoon (08/01/2022) to celebrate their heroines. The Department of Sports previously said there should be room for around 7,000 fans. Whether that was enough was questionable, to say the least. Nearly 90,000 spectators at Wembley Stadium had cheered the night before, when England beat the German team 2-1 after extra time in the European Championship final. After all: The BBC broadcast the celebration live on TV and as a stream on Monday – everyone could be there from home if they wanted.

The German European runners-up were also celebrated and honored for their tournament performance on Monday. Thousands of fans attended the DFB team reception at the Römer in Frankfurt. They waved flags, cheered for the team and sang “Oh, how beautiful”.

Wiegman: “We’re enjoying the party”

‘It’s a bit difficult, but I feel good’ – England captain Leah Williamson’s voice, with her sunglasses pulled up over a red sun hat, sounded a bit shaky as she briefly answered questions from the moderators the morning after the triumph of the EM on the social networks of the “Lionesses”.

Coach Sarina Wiegman offered a little more insight into the final party night when she said: “It was crazy. There was a lot of music, there was a lot of dancing and there was a bit too much booze. It was time to celebrate after reaching our goal. We enjoyed it. And sunglasses-wearing defender Rachel Daly just tweeted a “good morning” with a photo of herself with the gold medal between the teeth.

resisted the pressure

Referee Kateryna Monzul’s final whistle kicked off the party at Wembley Stadium on Sunday night. England fans in the stands celebrated the first major title for an England women’s national football team to the sounds of ‘Football is coming home’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’. The cheers at the awards ceremony and the presentation of the trophy to Captain Williamson knew no bounds.

In 1966, England’s men’s team beat Germany 3-2 in the World Cup final at Wembley – ever since then, footballing nation England have had to wait for the next big party. Last year, the men’s team lost the European Championship final – also at Wembley – on penalties to Italy. So there was a lot of waiting pressure on the players, but they resisted it as one. Against Germany, the “Lionesses” again showed a good performance. In the end, they finished the tournament – albeit perhaps a bit happy after the final 120 minutes – and deservedly as winners.

The English team storm the press conference

Incidentally, after the grueling extra time on Wembley Stadium ended, the title victory gave the winning team a “third air”: When coach Wiegman was about to analyze the success during the ensuing press conference, its players loudly ‘on the way’: Led by goalkeeper Mary Earps, who stepped onto the table in front of Wiegman, the team burst into the room and sang for the umpteenth time this that night: ‘Football is coming home.’ Also at that time, you could feel the complete relief and joy of English women.

Congratulations not only from the Queen

The most important congratulations for the European title came from Queen Elizabeth II herself: the success of the “lionesses” goes “far beyond the trophy they deserved”, underlined the “chief lioness” ( “Telegraph”), “they are a source of inspiration for girls and women today and for generations to come”.

Meanwhile, the English media went wild with enthusiasm. “SHE are the Champions”, writes the “Mirror” with two letters to the tune of the rock band Queen’s jubilee, otherwise the many special pages read again and again: A historic victory, the wait is over, and yes , England in the final, Germany beat the eight-time European champions, the “Titans”. The “deepest pain in the English sporting psyche” has now been eliminated, writes the “Telegraph”. “And who knows,” quipped the Daily Express: “Perhaps the Lionesses’ triumph will even inspire the English side at Southgate at the World Cup in Qatar in November.”

Williamson throws his arms around William’s neck

In the exuberance of emotions, something completely unheard of happened at Wembley: while honoring the new heroines, England captain Williamson hugged Prince William, who had previously cheered quite exuberantly – but he is not in actually not allowed to be touched at all because he is the future king.

The heir to the throne, who is closer to the people and is also chairman of the English Football Association FA, seemed completely indifferent to royal protocol. It seemed like he was enjoying the hug – and in truth, he was probably only representing his people to thank the captain of the “Lionesses” and her herd of lions for a historic sporting achievement.

Special events call for extraordinary measures: Prince William kisses Leah Williamson.

Image: IMAGO/Sports Press Photo/Liam Asman

England also want to give a boost to women’s football

Now it is also important in England to refine this success in the long term. FA boss Mark Bullingham is sure the European Women’s Championship title will have a turbo effect in the country: “The last few years have been incredible. , Bullingham told the BBC.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have as many girls as boys playing football and it will inspire a new generation of female players,” the FA boss said. “We’ve been preparing for this moment for years.” Clubs across the country are ready to welcome girls. Additionally, the association has invested in schools and created football development opportunities for girls.

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