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After criticism, she changes the lyrics

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After criticism, she changes the lyrics

After criticizing a song from her new album “Renaissance”, Beyoncé changes the lyrics.

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Like her colleague Lizzo, Beyoncé also changes one of her songs. She had used a word that is often used pejoratively.

After criticizing the lyrics of a song, the team of Beyoncé (40) announced that the corresponding line would be changed. It’s a twist on the song “Heated” found on the recently released album “Renaissance”.

“The word, not intentionally used in a hurtful way, will be replaced,” the team said. confirmed in a statement to the American industry magazine “Variety”.. According to the report, there had been an outcry on social media. The British BBC also has confirmationthat the line of text would be changed – although the phrase might therefore have a different usage in the US than in the UK, where it is often used pejoratively about people with brain movement disorder . A “lyric video” of the song on Beyoncé’s YouTube channel has already been made private.

“Like a slap in the face”

Hannah Diviney, who advocates for people with disabilities, previously told the broadcaster it was “like a slap in the face”. “I’m tired and frustrated that we’re having this conversation again so quickly after receiving such a meaningful and progressive response from Lizzo.” The charity Scope had asked for the word to be removed from the lyrics, according to the BBC.

Beyoncé’s colleague Lizzo (34) also originally used it in her song “Grrrls.” After knowing the situation, she explained on Twitter in Junethat there is now a new version of the song. She opposes “pejorative language” and wants to be part of a change she would like to see in the world.

Warren Kirwan, director of media at Scope, welcomes Beyoncé’s decision. It’s good that she also acts so quickly. It is hoped that such words will no longer appear in the lyrics of songs – especially not those of influential music stars like Beyoncé or Lizzo.


Source www.gala.de

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