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After crisis rumours: Princess Charlene and Prince Albert imitate engagement portrait

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Princess Charlene + Prince Albert
Why her new couple photo is well thought out

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert

© EPO | CHRISTIAN BRUNA / Picture Alliance

Eleven years ago, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert got married in Monaco. To mark the special occasion, the couple released a new photo that is very reminiscent of their engagement portrait.

They smile shyly at the camera and hold hands tightly. Princess Charlene, 44, and Prince Albert, 64, are celebrating their eleventh wedding anniversary and getting the world involved in their wedding with a new couple photo. A marriage on which many rumors of crisis have run in recent months.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert mimic an engagement photo

Perhaps that’s why the royal couple decided to post a photo that is strongly reminiscent of their 2010 engagement portrait. Like twelve years ago, Princess Charlene opted for a sleeveless turquoise dress that perfectly highlights worth his slender arms. Albert wears a dark blue suit associated with a white shirt, at the time he had chosen a light blue. Both photos were taken outdoors. Charlene and Albert seem to have followed the obvious details of their engagement photo shoot, but a closer look at the new photo reveals what has happened to the couple over the past few years.

In June 2010, Charlene let Monegasque leaders hug her affectionately, but now she stands beside him. Only their hands are touching, their eyes are fixed on the photographer. The princely couple wants to symbolize unity, but appears a little stiff and tense. The many speculations and rumors of separation did not spare Albert and Charlene.

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock officially announced their engagement with this photo on June 23, 2010.

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock officially announced their engagement with this photo on June 23, 2010.

© Piscine Interactions/Gamma-Rapho / Getty Images

“Wow, are they really touching?”

This is also noticed by fans of the couple. “Wow, are they really touching?” A surfer cynically commented on Princess Charlene’s Instagram post on her wedding day. Another follower finds the new photo “beautiful, but sad”. Other fans congratulate Charlene and Albert on eleven years of marriage and wish the couple “a very long life with lots of love and happiness”. The princess in particular seems to have impressed her community, with many netizens writing that the former swimmer finally looks “healthy” and is simply “beautiful”. However, they tip Albert to get a new suit.

Separation rumors hang over the royal couple

It was a difficult time for Princess Charlene and Prince Albert, last year the couple had to live apart from each other for more than six months. The reason: Charlene fell ill with a serious ear, nose and throat infection during a trip to South Africa, had to undergo several operations and was unable to fly back to Monaco. She was not allowed to fly again until November, but after a short reunion she had to say goodbye to her family and continue to recover from her health problems in a clinic outside the principality. She was able to leave the facility again in March and has since continued to recover with her loved ones. At the end of April, she resumed her official duties and made select appointments.

Princess Charlene

The South African-born was hit hard by the fact that there was a lot of speculation about her marriage at that time. “I find it unfortunate that certain media are spreading such rumors about my life and my marriage,” she declared at the end of May during Monte-Carlo Fashion Week, specifying: “Like everyone else, we are human and like Everyone Otherwise, we have emotions and weaknesses, except our family is exposed in the media and every weakness, no matter how small, is passed on.”

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