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Afghan missions in the US close

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Washington (AP) – Seven months after the Taliban retook power in Afghanistan, the country’s representations in the United States are closing, according to diplomatic sources.

The embassy in Washington and the consulates in New York and Los Angeles would stop operating on Wednesday, an Afghan diplomat in Washington who preferred to remain anonymous told dpa. The “lack of resources” is one of the reasons for the closures. He did not want to give more details. The diplomats were appointed by the Kabul government, which was overthrown by the Taliban last August. You haven’t received any money for months.

Nearly 100 Afghan diplomats in the US.

The Afghan diplomat said efforts had been made to keep the operations going until the end. A message was last posted on the Washington Embassy Twitter account on December 30. It read: “Without funding from any source, we are working hard to keep the embassy open and continue to offer our services. We remain hopeful that Afghanistan will one day achieve sustainable peace.”

The New York Times reported last Friday, citing US State Department sources, that after the missions were closed, Afghan diplomats would have 30 days to apply for a longer stay in the United States before being deported. They would not be sent back to Afghanistan due to the danger. But it is unclear where diplomats would go otherwise. About a quarter of the approximately 100 Afghan diplomats in the United States have not yet applied to remain in the United States.

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