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Aerobics: less fat and better mood

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Aerobic exercises, those in which the main muscles of the body move and activate the heart rate, they are the best way to burn excess fat and detoxify us, in addition to helping us fight stress and improve our quality of life.

In view of the foregoing, and in accordance with what is indicated in the healthy & natural magazineHealth experts recommend:

Perform daily aerobic activity, alternating its characteristics. For example, one day you go jogging and the next day you do step aerobics.

Now let’s see in detail what are some of the aerobic exercises that you can do according to the portal examples:


The simplest exercise that exists, great aerobic performances and which are carried out during long sessions in which the respiratory and cardiovascular systems work constantly, burning fats and carbohydrates. It is ideal for maintaining the lungs and increasing cardiac resistance.


The faster version of walking is an exercise with moderate impact on the legs and knees, but supports respiratory and cardiovascular rhythm in the face of greater and more sustained energy demand. It is usually associated with periods of rest (walking) and short periods of running (anaerobic).


A form of playful and group exercise, which uses many muscle routines to exercise resistance, coordination and breathing capacity, as it can be extended during various musical themes that provide the necessary rhythmic accompaniment. It is also a socially useful form of exercise.


The so-called “white sport” is an example of aerobic routines, since requires constant movement on the field, attentive to the direction of the ball who, in addition, increases his speed as he is hit and sent back to the net.


One of the most demanding aerobic exercises, as it requires large bursts of air to keep the body working while submerged in water. Promotes lung capacity, cardiac endurance, and sometimes anaerobic extremity strength.

Source metroecuador.com

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