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AECID will fund 19 NGO humanitarian action initiatives



The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) will fund 19 NGO humanitarian aid initiatives after publishing the results of its call for tenders.

As reported by the organization, out of a total of 28 proposals submitted by NGOs, the AECID Humanitarian Action Office has selected 19 proposals from 14 Spanish organizations to be developed in a total of 17 countries: El Salvador, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Niger, Haiti, Colombia, Mexico , Venezuela, South Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, Burkina Faso, Honduras, Mali, Mozambique, Syria, Somalia and Ethiopia.

The agency has detailed that of the 19 selected projects, two are included that integrate the gender approach vertically, that is, address the specific needs of women and girls in humanitarian contexts and aim to advance empowerment and gender equality. These two projects are being developed in Mali, Somalia and Ethiopia.

In this call, AECID has also selected projects that prioritize humanitarian action in the food security and nutrition sectors; important sector in a context where hunger and food insecurity are growing exponentially due to the impact of COVID-19, the war in Ukraine and the effects of climate change.

At least seven of the proposals focus their actions in this area and will be implemented in Haiti, Venezuela, South Sudan, Lebanon, Burkina Faso, Honduras and Syria, with a value of more than four million euros.

The remaining initiatives respond to interventions to be carried out in other priority sectors of Spanish humanitarian action, such as health (four projects), protection (seven projects) and emergency education (two projects).


Source europapress.es

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