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Advice and Guidelines for Family Members of Depressed Patients

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Symptoms of depression can be difficult for the family to tolerate. Withdrawal, fatigue, disinterest and sexual apathy can be interpreted as a lack of affection or commitment.

What happens to the couple’s relationship?

The couple relationship suffers particularly, because the depressed person generally has the impression that your ability to love and be loved is blocked.

The depressed person, for example, may regret their life and have serious doubts about their marriage. In reality, he feels unable to love anyone and your vision of things suffers from a general collapse.

Your partner, in such a case, may become anxious at the thought of no longer being loved. “It is important for family members to avoid taking too literally what the depressed person says, as what they say may be influenced by their negative outlook. and, over time, you can see them again in a different way”, as they point out in the magazine body mind.

The sons

Children, on the other hand, they may have problems with school or expression because of what it means to them that a parent is depressed. Occasionally, they may feel responsible for their misfortune or outraged that they cannot get enough attention.

family together

Learning about the subject can help the family understand and tolerate the symptoms of depression, and enables them to support their loved one more effectively.

Understanding that their ambivalent feelings towards this person – love and resentment – ​​are normal can give them some peace of mind.

Family members need to assess whether the help they are trying to offer is correct. In some cases, the patient is overprotected by doing everything for him. Such unlimited help is not healthy, the person may feel infantilized or believe they are no longer of any use.

It is necessary to try that the depressed person does not become totally dependent, by encouraging him to regain his autonomy, but without harassing him..

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