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Additional costs soon in Germany?

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Additional costs soon in Germany?

Netflix runs various tests to limit unauthorized account sharing.

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From August, Netflix users will have to pay additional fees in some countries. Could German users soon have to pay too?

Netflix continues to ask users to pay if they share their accounts without permission. The streaming service will soon test a new method to stop this in five countries. But consumers who don’t let friends or family members watch hits like “Stranger Things,” “Squid Game,” or “Bridgerton” with their account will also have to pay additional fees in some cases.

According to the Terms of Service, sharing login data outside of your own household is actually prohibited. Although it was “awesome” that customers liked the content so much that they wanted to share it with others, Chengyi Long, director of growth and innovation at Netflix, said recently. However, this “undermines” the ability “to invest in and improve our service” in the longer term.

Since March, users in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru can add “additional members” to their accounts for an additional fee. A test is now starting in Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic in which users can create “homes”, i.e. more houses.

Everyone only has one house

Regardless of the subscription chosen, each user will have a “Home” there in future. In this, users can access the streaming offer on all their devices. “Basic” users can set up one additional home, “Standard” users can add up to two additional “Homes” and “Premium” customers up to three. Likewise, as explained on a support page in Honduras, starting August 22, consumers will be prompted to add additional “homes” when they tune in to a TV in a different location.

Consumers can move, but only three times in six months. According to Netflix, it uses IP addresses that can be used to attribute a user’s location, individual device IDs, and account activity to verify everything. In Argentina, an additional house costs 219 pesos per month, in the other four countries it is 2.99 dollars per month.

These users also need to pay additional fees themselves

It is also possible to register for free on a TV away from home, but this is only allowed if the user has not yet used the account there. Free registration is possible at any place once a year for up to two weeks – for example when the user is on vacation somewhere.

A user who, for example, repeatedly spends time in a second home, often visits his parents or visits the same vacation spot several times a year, must create an additional house in order to be able to watch Netflix on a TV there. permanently ? That’s right, confirms a spokeswoman for the streaming service interviewed by the news agency spot on news. Due to the change restriction, it is not possible to move the house there again and again, for example for the weekend. The consumer then has to settle for streaming Netflix content onsite on their smartphone, tablet or laptop if they don’t want to pay the extra charge.

The streaming service cannot share any information about a possible exception for these users at this time. As a detour, however, it’s probably still possible to watch content on other TVs outside the home for free using additional streaming solutions. Because streaming players such as Roku are not affected by the regulations.

Is “Homes” also coming to Germany?

If the tests for home or the “additional member” method are successful, the streaming provider should certainly not waive the introduction of corresponding additional costs in Germany. So far, however, there is no official information about such a possible step. When asked if a corresponding regulation with “Homes” is also planned for Germany, Netflix currently has no further information that can be shared.


Source www.gala.de

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