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Adam Sandler: Critically despised for Oscar’s bet while continuing to carry on as usual

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In one of the scenes from claw (the basketball drama that has become the most-watched film on Netflix worldwide since its premiere on June 3rd), the character of Madrid player Juancho Hernangómez rehearses his three-point shot. In front of him, his scout-turned-coach, played by Adam Sandler, tries to distract him: “Your mother is a whore!”, “Your sweat smells like piss!”. The aim of the test is to get the young man to overcome his weakness, the irascibility with which he reacts to insults from his opponents, which makes him lose his temper and fail on the pitch. The weakness he had even at his age. “They will always try to touch your morals, but you have to be like that icebergswimming full of edges and sinking ships,” he says.

Your interpreter knows what he is talking about. Few stars are so accustomed to experiencing such furious hate as that which Adam Sandler has received since the beginning of his career from the mob of a critic who is himself impotent and has seen the comedy chain comedy success after commercial success; most recently his exclusive contracts with Netflix, for which he has earned $ 420 million since 2015. The attacks continue, but there’s no doubt that Sandler is still around. Like an iceberg.

However with claw the same does not happen. The film has received overwhelming approval from critics (the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which calculates reviews from professionals around the world, gives it an approval rating of 92%, the highest for a title starring Sandler), who have particularly praised the film’s performance Protagonist that some are already putting on the list of favorites for the next award season. A situation similar to the one the New York comedian lived with rough diamonds (2019), when he won, among other things, the award for best actor at the Independent Spirit Awards and wryly threatened to make a “deliberately bad” film if it didn’t win an Oscar as well.

Adam Sandler at a screening of “Claw” in Philadelphia on June 7th.Lisa Lake (Getty Images for Netflix)

Despite the fact that he didn’t get it (nor was he nominated), Sandler didn’t keep his word. journalists like David Ehrlich from indiewirehave talked about it claw as a film far from what the actor usually offers, “rather similar Jerry Maguire either the way back than any other Happy Madison production [el sello del humorista]“. Despite the change of registers, however, the die-hard viewer of Adam Sandler can easily see certain connections between this film and all of his comedies.

The fact that a process of dealing with emotions is the focus of the argument is already shown claw in reference to the archetype on which Sandler based his humor, at least in its early days: the figure of the immature who screams and suffers outbursts of violence when he doesn’t get what he wants, or when things go wrong. Even the relationship between his character and that of Hernangómez, a spirited boy haunted by an old injury crime, has mechanics similar to the comedy. Lucky Gilmore (Termina Golf) (1996) where a teacher played by Carl Weathers tried to teach young Sandler to relax and not constantly lose his temper in order to help him reach the pinnacle of golf.

“Critics insist on separating them because it’s a more serious, mature, seemingly deeper approach. But it’s not like that,” says Roberto Alcover Oti, who coordinated the book in 2015, consulted by ICON Adam Sandler. infinite childhood (Macnulti Editores), in which authors such as Noel Ceballos, Tonio L. Alarcón or Diego Salgado rigorously analyze the keys to the comedian’s filmography and assert the presence of a discourse in his cinema. In addition to Lucky Gilmorefor Alcover Oti, who was critical in publications like Directed by…, Current pictures either film looks“It is difficult not to see in the figure of the observer clawto the adult player of The Bonebreaker clan‘, a 2005 comedy starring Sandler in which he played a prison football player. “In its final phase, mainly due to the saga Big kids [2010-2013], Sandler reflected, always humorously, on the hard road to maturity of his late teenage heroes. And that’s it clawin a way”.

Against the “cynical assholes”

At the climax of the exam of A cool dad (1999), the boy Sandler’s character takes on to fill in for a friend testifies, reflecting on what he’s learned from him: “It taught me that Styx is the best gang in the world and that it’s because of the most only have a bad reputation The critics are cynical assholes.” Next, in the crucial interrogation to avoid jail, Sandler decides to prove his maturity by offering to be questioned by his biggest critic: his own father. During the exchange, understanding and catharsis between the two, everyone present tearfully decides to call their parents to settle outstanding scores and reconcile; a scene definitely not for “cynical assholes”.

A young Sandra Bullock and Adam Sandler in 1994 during the MTV Video Music Awards Gala at Radio City Music Hall in New York.
A young Sandra Bullock and Adam Sandler in 1994 during the MTV Video Music Awards Gala at Radio City Music Hall in New York.Jeff Kravitz (Movie Magic)

The film gets to the heart of an essential element in the work of its protagonist: the victory over the orderly society by people who do not adhere to the discipline of the system. The main character, a regular bum, is helped in court by a gang of marginalized people made up of a drunk, a beggar, an immigrant and some gay friends. And another theme that is obviously present is that of family, also keyed in claw; a constant in Sandler, who serves as a vehicle for his characters’ maturity. in the infinite childhoodAlcover Oti highlights how click (2006) leads to the understanding that “a narcissistic existence choice can only lead to oblivion and loneliness” while Big kids he depicts the “paradise lost” of childhood as something that “can be enjoyed again by children”.

Oti also defends in the book that the characters played by Sandler in his acclaimed dramatic forays, such as Beat drenched love (2002) or make me laugh (2009) they “can be deciphered as dark, sad, realistic versions of their usual characters”. In the first by Paul Thomas Anderson (which won the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival that year), Sandler plays another character with a childhood developmental problem and in a constant state of nervousness living out a love story while he tries to yell and punch your way through a hostile world. The staging also allows us to observe mistimed or out of tune gag-like things in the footage, like jokes whose planning is overtaken by reality. Even though there are those who have come to interpret it as a version In the supermanAnderson, also author of titles such as magnolia either Liquorice PizzaHe has always defended that what he wanted to do was essentially “an Adam Sandler art house film.”

“There are not two Sandlers, but one: the one who sublimates his desire to succeed and the one who can’t stop expressing the human side of it,” Roberto Alcover Oti tells ICON about the discrepancy with which the archetype testifies different films. In the book in particular, he wonders whether the greater or lesser acceptance of actor’s cinema by critics and audiences can be due to the fact that it is portrayed as “destructive” and not as a winner who succeeds “without being disheveled” because we look at these losers and fragile archetypes, or because we might find it frustrating to project ourselves onto someone who turns their flaws into virtues in order to succeed, since we don’t always achieve it,” he reflects.

In his acceptance speech for the 2020 Independent Spirit Award for rough diamondsAdam Sandler not only thanked the critics for taking the trouble to “pretend for five minutes” that they don’t hate him, but apparently sarcastically claimed that independent cinema was “an important part” of his filmography, “off.” my unflinching look at the American education system through the eyes of a privileged sociopath named BillyMadison [1995] to my damning exploration of college football and its manipulation of socially challenged athletes like Bobby Boucher [personaje protagonista de El aguador, de 1999]“. In six months, when the awards season begins, it will be known whether claw It gives the comedian a chance to dabble with that idea while collecting new statuettes. Right now, with the success of his film on Netflix, these are bad times for those who can’t stand to see Sandler succeed.

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