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Achieve a fine grind with this Bosch coffee grinder and extract the best aroma every day

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We describe the Bosch Signature coffee grinder to get a fine coffee grinder without leaving home.

The benefits of good coffee are well known to many of us. In recent years, professional coffee machines have become fashionable, with which one can prepare this stimulating drink without leaving home. However, who is looking for one more traditional processing of this culinary delicacy You can use coffee grinders. in the THE COUNTRY SHOW WINDOW we will describe the most popular grinder from the Bosch companywith a excellent value for money.

It is an article with a very high average grade on the German company’s website —4.7 out of 5 stars—, with a discount of 7% fall into the category Bosch selection. Is available in black color (and can also be purchased in white). The product will be sent to your home within 48 to 72 hours.

This coffee grinder It stands out for being noticeable in the sections, according to the description of users who have already tried it Easy to use, draft, cleaning Y quality of the ground coffee. Do you want to know all the details about him? Continue reading.

Double blade, good performance and fine grind

In this first section we want to focus on the most technical features of the Coffee grinder TSM6A013B. equip paths Stainless steel blades for precise grinding of coffee beans. In order to, We will better appreciate the taste, aroma and freshness of coffee that we use in the preparation.

A motor that works with almost 200 watts of power and whose operation we will check at any time will help us function Press of the device itself. That is, use short bursts of electricity with optimal speed and avoiding the excessive processing of seeds as delicate as those of coffee. It works with a simple action on the top of its lid.

What about his ability? The manufacturer recommends processing a maximum of 75 grams of coffee at the same time and differentiates between two types of grinding in its specifications, also based on the amount that we serve roasted coffee beans either express type. Of course, Bosch a maximum grinding time of 30 secondswithout unnecessary delay.

Some data on coffee consumption in Spain

Did you know that seven out of ten Spaniards drink coffee every day? And that the preferred place of consumption is at home? This data and many others result from the I Study on coffee consumption habits in Spaina. In addition, consumption is concentrated at breakfast and after meals.

Convenient design, light weight and easy cleaning

The mill is characterized by a light and functional design. It weighs only 600 grams and its dimensions do not exceed 210 x 95 x 95 mm. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s wide freedom of movement They make it a very versatile device by incorporating a one meter cable into its structure.

It should be noted that both the Housing like the rest of the container They’re plastic, but the Tray on which the coffee beans are placed it is stainless steel. And your cleaning? We only have to pass a dry or slightly damp cloth to finish it in a short time.

Ultimately one practical and efficient coffee grinder which allows us not only to tackle this task, but also to include in our diet other healthy foods in a ground format: such as: Chia seeds, flaxseeds, oatmeal… And even, create custom flours for people with celiac disease or a certain intolerance. Now on sale for only 27 euros.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of 07/26/2022.

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