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Accusations against the US and Ukraine: UN Security Council meets after Russia’s request for a biological weapons policy

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The UN Security Council will meet for an emergency session on suspected biological weapons in Ukraine on Friday at 4pm BST. Russia had requested the meeting.

“The Russian mission has requested a meeting of the Security Council on March 11 to discuss US military and biological activities on the territory of Ukraine,” Russian Deputy Ambassador to the UN Dmitry Polyansky wrote on Twitter on Thursday. .

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The background to this is Russia’s accusation that the US and Ukraine are developing biological weapons. Only on Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that there was a network of biological laboratories in Ukraine working on behalf of the US Department of Defense. However, international fact-checkers have long since invalidated this claim. The UN also said it knew nothing about weapons of mass destruction allegedly produced in Ukraine.

The United States sees the Russian claims as “propaganda” and a possible excuse to use weapons of mass destruction in the Ukraine war. “Russia has made these new false claims. We saw that China supported this propaganda. And that is why we must be vigilant about the possibility of Russia using chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine or launching a false flag operation,” US Deputy Ambassador to the UN Jeffrey Prescott told the German Press Agency. .

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The US government has called Russia’s claims about US-made biological weapons in Ukraine a “pack of lies.” “We have seen indications that they may be using these allegations as a possible pretext,” a senior US defense official said on Thursday (local time). The consequence could be “possibly more aggressive military action” or “actual substance use” in Ukraine.

“They (the Russians) not only have the capability, but they have a history of using chemical and biological weapons, and right now we need to keep our eyes open for that possibility,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki warned. Asked if the United States would send troops to Ukraine in the event of a chemical attack by Russia, Psaki said US President Joe Biden’s position had not changed. Biden has repeatedly ruled out sending US troops to Ukraine. (dpa)

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