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According to the UN Human Rights Commission: Russia would have used cluster bombs in populated areas – Politics

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Russia threatens to shut down Facebook

The Russian government is threatening to shut down Facebook’s parent company, Meta. If the Reuters report is correct, according to which users in some countries can call for violence against Russia and Russian soldiers via Facebook and Instagram. all activities of this company ceased, Russian presidential office spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. “We don’t want to believe the Reuters report. That’s hard to imagine. We hope it’s not true.”

The Reuters news agency had previously reported, citing internal emails, that Facebook and Instagram were temporarily allowing appropriate calls for violence in some countries including Armenia, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. These included, for example, calls for the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A spokesman for Meta said that political expressions of opinion are allowed at the moment due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine., which would otherwise violate rules to limit hate speech. However, calls for violence against Russian civilians are still not allowed.

The Russian embassy in the US has already called on the US government to end “extremist activities” in Meta. The spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Liz Throssell, identified reports that Facebook temporarily allows calls for violence as “concerning.” The US group will be contacted. Last week, the Moscow government banned Facebook in Russia, citing difficulties for Russian state media in using the platform. Measures are also taken against Twitter. (Reuters)

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