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According to Signaturit, almost 72% of companies choose the electronic signature as the most important digital solution

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MADRID, July 28 (Portaltic/EP) –

Around 72 percent of companies have chosen electronic signatures as the most important digital solution during the pandemic different technologies implemented to minimize the negative effects of Covid-19.

The ‘legaltech’ Signaturit conducted a study on the digitization level of companies in the post-Covid environment and found that many organizations value these changes in favor of technology as beneficial to the development and growth of the company.

So much so that almost 70 percent (particularly 67.8 percent) have implemented or chosen to implement video calling platforms, while 29.4 percent have adopted methods of manufacturing E-Bills.

However, one of the data Signaturit highlights is that most organizations (71.8 percent) have opted for the electronic signature as the most important digital solution.

Among the main advantages offered by this method are the Acceleration of signature processes when more than one party is involved, reducing the time spent on administrative actions, continuity and follow-up of processes already started, and finally increasing the efficiency of document management.

These benefits lead to an improvement in the company’s internal processes and an improved experience for customers and users, as highlighted by Signaturit in a press release to Europa Press.

Moreover, 96.6 percent of people surveyed by this company say so All the digital tools mentioned are here to staywhile 84.7 percent of workers believe investing in these solutions will result in long-term benefits.

On the other hand, thanks to the introduction of these solutions, organizations have found it necessary to implement measures for both IT security (in 55.4 percent of the cases) than educational programs on the use of tools (34.5 percent).

In addition, the employees of the companies surveyed are of the opinion that artificial intelligence (34.5 percent), the intranet (34.5 percent) or cloud computing services (29.9 percent) are among the most disruptive technologies in their industry.

Source europapress.es

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