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Acciona: presents potential in the Ibex of 24%

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Acciona: presents potential in the Ibex of 24%

Acciona is showing itself as a “Phoenix” before the resurgence of the rest of energies before oil. The exponential cost of the barrel has led to a more than significant advance for its shares, as well as those of its subsidiary, while embarking on a march towards the maximum of the year registered in January.

Until now, the value had been heavily punished by investors’ doubts about the sector, but the truth is that the commitment of the community and the rest of the Western world to accelerate the energy transition, in the face of dependence on Russian oil, It has served as a catalyst for the entry of investors.

Thus, in its stock chart, we see that the value has advanced no less than 21% since the crisis began, while in the previous twenty sessions it has risen 23.5%. This reduces to the minimum expression and remains negative due to yesterday’s falls, annual losses of 3.3%.

Acciona annual stock price

Acciona annual value quote

At the moment we know that its listed subsidiary, Acciona Energy will be listed on Wall Street since an American bank has registered an ADR program for up to 7.6% of your capital. A movement that, from Alphavalue considered successful, because it means improving its expansion in the United States. Yes, America already represents 35% of Acciona’s sales.

In addition, together with Emrbaer, they have agreed to invest 30 million euros in Eve, the eVTOL aircraft division and green infrastructure for its operation of the Brazilian manufacturer, when Zanite Acquisition becomes a shareholder. Be expects that the operation, which will enhance sustainable mobility in urban environments, will close in the second quarter of this year.

Activate “reacts in the detected support zone around 137.60 / 136.70 euros per share, Forming two bullish engulfing cartridges. The first major support level is located at the lows of 24 FEB 2022, in batch 128.40 euros per share. the next resistance It is in the maximum historical zone of 172.7 euros. The MACD oscillator generates a strong overselling and begins to cross the 0 line upwards, being able to resume another trend section”, as indicated by the independent analyst Néstor Borrás.

Trade on daily chart with Average Amplitude Range in percent, MACD oscillator and trading volume

Acciona technical analysis of the value

Acciona technical analysis of the value

Technical Indicators for Investment Strategies they show us, in the case of Acciona, the second improvement, after that of Rovi. In bullish mode and with an improved score of one point until consolidating 9 out of 10 total points for value. Only negative does its volatility move, its range of amplitude that is growing, in the medium and long term for Acciona.

On the other side we find that the trend, in the medium and long term, is bullish, the total momentum, slow and fast, is positive for value, with a volume of business, moreover, which is growing in both aspects, in the medium and long term.

For IG analyst Sergio Ávila “Share rebounded after the sharp fall, it has broken the medium-term average. Acciona could do well in an environment of search for renewable energies. It has support at 143.40 euros, at 135.60 euros and at 128.40 euros, which is the most important. The average of 50 sessions could be a good entry, per lot 151.60 euros, with a return to the December highs of 172.70 euros”.

yes heThe experts do not rule out that the value will take a decided stop along the way After the strong advances registered by the value in the energy crisis that we are suffering from an account of the rebound in the price of crude oil in international markets and the search for alternative energies.

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