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Accenture earned $1,700 million in the fiscal third quarter, up 15.3%

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Services company Accenture reported attributable net income of $1,786 million for the fiscal third quarter ended May, up 15.3% from the same period last year, the company reported this year Thursday in a statement.

The company recorded a negative impact of 96.3 million (EUR 91.7 million) in the quarter due to the sale of its division in Russia, which was completed last April.

Net earnings per share for the quarter were $2.79, up 16.2% from the same period last year.

Accenture President and CEO Julie Sweet has stressed that these financial results are “very solid” and that the company continues to gain market share.

Billing for the full quarter was up 22% to $16,158.8 million. By business segment, Products remained the most important with revenues of $4,601.5 million (EUR 4,381.1 million), up 25%, while Communications, Media and Technology returned 27% at $3,427.2 million (EUR 3,263 million).

The financial services industry grew 19% to 3,079.4 million (€2,931.9 million), while the health and public services sector brought in 2,917 million (€2,777.3 million), up 16%. The Resources division posted sales of EUR 2,133.7 million (EUR 2,031.5 million), 21% more.

For the full quarter, the cost of services rendered increased 22.4% to $10,844.1 million, while sales and marketing expenses increased 18.1% to $1,660.9 million ) increased and general and administrative expenses reached 1,050.7 million (1,000.4 million euros), up 19.5%.

In this way, Accenture reported net income for the entire first nine months of its fiscal year of $5,212 million (€4,962.3 million), up 16.1%. Sales, for their part, grew by 24.4% to EUR 46,170.6 million (EUR 43,959 million).

Source europapress.es

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