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“Abu Dhabi Arabic Language” launches the first series of “The Eyes of Arabic Poetry” series

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The Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language, affiliated with the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, and in conjunction with International Poetry Day, which falls on March 21 each year, launched the first series of the ” Oyoun Arabic Poetry Series”, which is one of the most prominent literary and cultural efforts aimed at paying attention to heritage. Arab Poetics, and through 100 books, the masterpieces of Arab poetry are thrown from the pre-Islamic era to the present, and shows the intrinsic value that this literary art held in the course of Arab culture.
This came during a press conference organized by the Manarat Al Saadiyat Center in the capital, Abu Dhabi, in the presence of the President of the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language, Dr. Ali bin Tamim, and Saudi academic and literary critic . Abdullah Al-Ghadami, and Saeed Hamdan Al-Tunaji, Acting Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Center for the Arabic Language. It was hosted by Bahraini writer and media figure Dr. Parwin.

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Dr. Ali bin Tamim said: “We are aware of the great value that poetry possesses in the course of Arab culture, as it is the collecting vessel of thought, the most brilliant embodiment of words and descriptions, and the eloquent language that has expressed the concerns and aspirations of the Arab groups since the dawn of history. It is an art that observes with exceptional eloquence the developments of the language, and the differences of languages ​​and times, for which poetry is an integral and essential pillar in our Arabic and linguistic culture.”

He added that “The Eyes of Poetry series is a pioneering effort in which a group of distinguished writers, academics, and researchers participated, who gave their best to make this project that we are proud of come true, and translate our vision and interest into enhance Arabic knowledge and cultural contexts, and the development of the rich cultural and linguistic heritage that our culture possesses, and we wanted. Through this series, we shed light on the problems and themes enjoyed by the Arab poetic heritage, and show the peculiarities and transformations that have taken place. during past times, because we realize that attention to historical contexts highlights the great value of our Arab culture, which is one of the most living cultures that has preserved its heritage and its linguistic, intellectual and cognitive wealth, and our duty is to present to future generations this value as befits our position, history and identity.”

He stressed that “the series serves as a timeline, a historical observer of the transformations of poetry and the most important work of this time that narrates the different stages of this original oral art, highlighting that efforts continue to complete the encyclopedia in its original form. final”. .”

50 versions
The first group includes 50 publications supervised by a group of researchers and specialists in Arabic poetry, who made an exceptional effort in researching, collecting and documenting information, with the aim of reviving folklore, which is the greatest testimony of culture and Arab identity.

The new publications include a book by His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Tamim entitled “Poetry on Poetry”, which is in 117 pages of small pieces, in which he reviews the transformations in Arabic poetry and the rhetorical and poetic changes that took place. produced during the ages, in addition to several titles from a selection of writers, intellectuals and academics, including Dr. Amin Odeh, who worked on “The Book of the Camel”, “The Book of Nostalgia for the Homeland” and “The Book of Glory.” Dr. Youssef Hamdan also prepared “The Book of Rain” and “The Book of the Knight”. Eyes”, “The Book of Women” and “The Book of the Palm”.

The series includes the titles “The Book of Gray Hair”, “The Book of Reason”, by the writer and researcher Moaz Bani Amer, and “Kitab al-Sha’ir: What Men Did Not Say”, by Dr. Parween Habib, for the journalist, and the scholar and critic Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Rasheed supervised the elaboration of “The Book of Children, the Book of Food, the Book of Money and the Book of Water”, while the poet Ali Taha Al-Nubani prepared the “Book of Good”, “The Book of Patience” and “The Book of Salma and Fatima”, and Hussein Adwan prepared “The Book of the Neighborhood”. “The Book of Singing”, “The Book of Remorse”. “, “The Book of Femininity” and “The Book of Gemstones” were prepared by Yasmine Abbas, and Dr. Alaa prepared the “Book of Night” side.

It is noteworthy that the editorial board of the series includes specialized professors: Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghadami, Saeed Hamdan Al-Tunaji, professor of modern literature at Yarmouk University, researcher, literary critic and translator, Dr. Khalil Al-Sheikh, writer and translator Samer Abu Hawash, Zayed University Arabic language professor Dr. Hanada Taha, and researcher, scholar and literary critic Dr. Youssef Hamdan oversee the revision.

The center plans to publish 25 books during the activities of the 31st edition of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which will start from May 23 to 29.

During the conference, the Oudist Sherine Tohamy performed a group of Arabic songs and poems, and a “virtual” literary seminar was held on the sidelines of the conference, presenting the efforts of working on the encyclopedia and providing an overview of the launch . and supervision process, in which, together with Dr. Ali bin Tamim, a group of Academics and critics: Dr. Maha Al-Atoum, Dr. Amin Odeh and Dr. Diaa Al Kaabi, Dr. Youssef Hamdan, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Rasheed, and moderated the symposium d. Khalil Sheikh.


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