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About 50 Spanish and Moroccan NGOs unite to demand an investigation into the deaths at the Melilla fence

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Fifty Spanish and Moroccan NGOs signed a statement on Monday calling for an urgent investigation by both Morocco and Spain into what happened last Friday, June 24, at the Melilla fence jump.

Organizations such as Caminando Fronteras, Regularización Ya, CEAR, Alianza por la Solidarias, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights, the Collective of Sub-Saharan Communities in Morocco or Solidary Wheels have denounced that what they witnessed in the autonomous city was “a violent A reminder of the failure of security-based migration policies.

“The 27 dead and the hundreds of injured both on the part of the migrants and the Moroccan police forces are the tragic symbol of the European policy of externalizing the borders of the EU with the complicity of a southern country, Morocco,” added Habe.

According to them, “the resumption of security cooperation in the field of migration between Morocco and Spain in March 2022 was a direct consequence of the multiplication of coordinated actions between the two countries” and they recall that “these actions are based on violations of the Human Rights of Migrants”.


In fact, in the document, they denounce the “systemic violence” that migrant communities in Nador have been subjected to “for years by both Spanish and Moroccan law enforcement agencies.” “These practices have been condemned on numerous occasions by national, regional and UN bodies,” the organizations warn.

Given this scenario, the Entities have condemned the deaths and “the lack of immediate attention to injured migrants” and that, in their opinion, “the number of victims has increased.

Likewise, they demand that the Moroccan authorities “in collaboration with the migrant communities, identify the remains of the victims and return them to their families” and “the immediate launch of an independent judicial investigation by both Morocco and Spain” and also “at the international level”. “to illuminate this human tragedy”.

“We call for an end to the criminal policies financed by the EU and its numerous accomplices, the States, various international organizations and various civil society organizations that contract these criminal policies,” the document continues.

The entities are also appealing on the one hand to the diplomatic missions of the African countries represented in Morocco so that they “assume fully their responsibility to protect their citizens” and on the other hand to “mobilize” human rights organizations and movements and the rights of migrants.


Source europapress.es

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