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Aberrant: a woman died cremated by her own relatives and recorded the attack

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A new case of femicide in shock the whole continent after a woman was assaulted by her own family and burned to death. The woman, Margarita Ceceña, who was a mother and also I was 30 years olddied after what apparently responds to a family dispute.

Ceceña lived in the house of a common relative in Cuautla de Morelos, Mexicoand that is precisely why she was blamed by the group of parents with whom she had an argument, during which she ended up being burned alive by the own blood relatives. The woman died last weekend due to serious injuries caused after they burned her alive after imbuing fuel into her body.

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They poured gasoline on it and set it on fire. He died over the weekend from burns. 70% of his body and after 3 heart attacks. She herself recorded the attacknot”, the Mexican journalist Ciro López Leiva reported these shocking events.

The facts of the attack have been recorded on video and most shocking of all is that It was the same victim Ceceña, the one who taped it. The video shows how a man approaches her with a can of gas, then we can see that he impregnates her. The woman receives the fire, becomes desperate and then begins to ask for help. “Put a match on it, throw a match on it” she is heard telling the group of women that she sees herself in front of her when she is recording.

The victim had reported threats

The victim’s mother, Andrea Martínez, testified on Mexican national television, where she denounced that her daughter had already received threats. “They came to burn my daughter, They were my sister, my niece and their husbands. Margarita had previously reported attacks and they told her it was not appropriate, now she is dead. I couldn’t do anything,” the woman said.

In addition, his aunt also reportedly said that “they had problems because of a house that a relative left in charge of these people (those who attacked her) so that they could maintain it. But they started renting it and the owner discovered it and took it away so that Margarita could occupy it. It’s the courage they had for my niece.

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After three weeks of fighting for his lifeMarguerite Cecena did not survive the brutal attack. He is dead at the National Rehabilitation Institute in Mexico City due to multiple burns and after suffering three heart attacks.

Likewise, it is reported that for this hate crime there are no inmateseven if the defendants are fully identified, his brother-in-law and another woman. The matter is in the hands of Specialized prosecutor’s office against feminicides which claimed to act with diligence in the case. In this state of Mexico, Morelos, there have already been more than 23 femicides so far in 2022.

Source metroecuador.com

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