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Aauri Bokesa extends the controversy with the list of Spain for the European



The Spanish athlete Aauri Bokesa has this Wednesday made a strong criticism against the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) after not participating in the individual bidding for the European Championships in Munich (Germany) and the confirmation she had from the coach and the feeling of having been reveals “trampled”.

“As you know, the RFEA did not include me in the 400m squad for Munich on Tuesday. That was a huge surprise because, as you can see in the WhatsApp screenshot, the coach had ‘confirmed’ that it would be like this.” , says the Madrilenian, while showing the messages on Twitter in which national coach José Peiró says to her : “I’ll keep you on the list.”

“Before traveling to the World Cup, I agreed with the pace officer and the coach that my fitness in training and the relief from Eugene (my relay was the fastest) needed to be assessed. This was due to the three week stay in the USA it was impossible for me to do individual tests where I could prove my level. Knowing the list, I made a formal appeal to the federation, making the following points,” he adds.

Bokesa explains that last year she “achieved the best grade for a Spanish-born Spaniard, which was also a European and world minimum” and that “said grade (51.08)” her “eleventh place in the qualifying ranking for the same Europeans”. with place in the call only for the 4×400 relay.

The athlete from Madrid also denounced that the RFEA was slow to discover an injury at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade. “The injury that has prevented me from competing this season was caused at the World Indoor Championships where the federation’s medical services were unable to detect it, causing the injury to worsen,” explained he.

Bokesa insists on his performance in recent competitions, despite not finding a positive response to “this call”. “Do you think that’s the way to respond to a person who’s been international 30 times? Who made the best record by a Spanish-born Spanish woman just 11 months ago? For whom was she a 12-time national champion? Me, it’s absolutely embarrassing and demeaning,” he says.

In addition, the Madrid native, captain of the Spanish team, summarized her uneasiness in a letter, with “completely torn feelings about what her last European could be”. “I was left without the European Championship at individual level after being in the best shape of my life and getting injured partly because the federation didn’t realize it was broken,” he says.

“Thank you RFEA for not only trampling on our work, but also making us feel stupid. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that Raúl Chapado and Antonio Sánchez were top athletes,” adds a Bokesa who, however, has to look for “motivation” since she will be there in Munich as captain and member of the squadron.

The Spanish list for the European Championships on German soil between August 15 and 21 was made official on Tuesday with 93 athletes, although the losses of Fátima Diame and Bernat Canet were already announced on Wednesday. As was the case a few weeks ago at the World Championships in Oregon, the controversy was not long in coming.

Asier Martínez, bronze in USA, launched the loudest protest on social networks, criticizing the fact that the RFEA did not include several athletes who had a minimum for Munich, such as the high jumper Carlos Rojas, the triple jumper José Emilio Bellido or the hurdler Daniel Cisneros.


Source europapress.es

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