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A worldwide crush: from Samaranch to goalkeeper Rebollo

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30 years after the opening of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​goalkeeper Antonio Rebollo is back in the Olympic Stadium. The first chapter of The Eternal Flame documentary series that accompanies this news recalls how Barcelona 92 ​​captivated the world with a groundbreaking opening ceremony. The brooch was attached by Antonio Rebollo with the arrow illuminating the cauldron with excitement and emotion. “It was a unique explosion of joy,” Rebollo recalled of where his shot went global. “The pressure was on the organization. They asked me if I was nervous and I kept saying I wasn’t,” he said of the previous selection.

The way was not easy. The arrow’s flame has been extinguished. “With Reyes Abades, the special effects company, he finally found the key,” says Manuel Fonseca, sporting director of Barcelona 92. And with the proven formula, more confessions and success. I ended up with my arm naked from so many samples. Luis Bassat was the one who told me I would be the goalkeeper. At the award ceremony, he had to count and throw for twelve seconds. Then someone gave the gas burner to ignite,” Rebollo recalls. “A perfect parable with a Hitchcock touch,” says Pedro Palacios, communications director for these games. “It was like that feeling in the cinema when the lights go out… Magical,” recalls Vicente Jiménez, director of AS.

Produced by AS, The Eternal Flame consists of a six-part special narrated by the great protagonists of these Olympic Games and based on twenty-five interviews. Fermín Cacho, Miriam Blasco, Kiko Narváez, José Manuel Moreno, Eli Maragall, Maribel Martínez, Jordi Villacampa, Jordi Sans, Dani Ballart, Theresa Zabell, Manuel Fonseca, Pedro Palacios, Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs or Francesc Terrón recall the journey and the Great moments for the leap of Spanish sport, together with the experts and special envoys of AS of these games. The journalists Olga Viza and Paloma del Río round off the journey through time with their special vision after long Olympic experience.

the eternal flame Also discover the recent steps of Cobi and Petra, the pets that gave birth to the brilliant lineage of Javier Mariscal. The designer takes paper and markers and presents the Cobi 3.0 with a scooter for AS. The pet with feelings follows the last.

It was the games that changed the games. The perfect combination of spectacle and emotion. For many the best games in history. The 22 medals are still a reference for Spanish sport today.

Source elpais.com

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