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A woman nicknamed the Ukrainian “burglar” has gone blind: the story has taken over the networks

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Although all the blame is placed on the “third in line”the truth is that a husband with two daughters preferred to run away with a refugee from Ukraine rather than respect his home.

Sofia Karkadym She was the woman who sought help to settle out of her war-torn country and found the goodwill of a couple who offered her space in their home. She never imagined that she would become famous by escaping again, but this time not from the war, but with the husband of the lady who received her in his home for ten days.

This is why Sofia Karkadym is known as the “House Destroyer” in the media of the United Kingdom, the country that received it. Everything was revealed by Lorna, the woman abandoned by Tony Garnett, with whom he would have lived happily until this woman arrived and everything changed.

she went blind

He asked for a note Unotv that the Ukrainian suffered an eye infection in Germany on her way to the UK, where she was taken in by the Garnett family. “Karkadym was granted asylum by Tony and Lorna because he was fleeing his country which had been invaded by Russia,” he said.

It seems, the infection progressed until it seriously affected the migrant’s vision. Even Sofia’s new husband assures that she is, for the time being, blind and will need surgery in the UK for which “she will need six months to recover”.

Meanwhile, news broke that Tony, who was a manager at a health services company, had quit work to be with his new partner. “It’s the right thing to do and it’s the right thing to do,” he said. For their immediate future, the plan they have as a couple is to relocate once the representatives in charge visit them as a refugee protection check.

horns at home

When Lorna found out her husband was cheating on her with the Ukrainian refugee, did not hesitate to make it public with the desire to be expelled. She and Tony are unmarried but have lived together for eight years and have two daughters, one 3 and the other 6.

See El Universal’s report:

According to Lorna, they lived as a stable couple in their home in West Yorkshire, UK, and welcomed the 22-year-old Ukrainian woman there in May this year. Lorna remembers them getting closer and when she went to bed with the kids, they stayed up late watching TV.

When the whole affair was made public, the Ukrainian defended herself saying the house was fractured when she met Tony, but that didn’t take away the “homewrecker” nickname. Another unanswered question is that Tony is ready to continue with Sofia and not his wife Lorna. For her part, the Ukrainian maintains that she doesn’t care what people say about her, since those who know the story closely know that Tony and Lorna were not a good couple.

He lost his sight due to an infection

So Lorna had no other way but to kick Tony out of her house and now the story is different. The Ukrainian will continue to arrange her papers to settle in the UK and later, perhaps, she will marry Tony.

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