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A tablet that allows the blind to see images by touch

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Thanks to modern technologies, visually impaired people no longer have to settle for voice and text comments to enjoy the magic of images.
Blind and partially sighted people often have to rely on text descriptions of images using Braille, which is sometimes unavailable, while this innovative device allows visually impaired people to experience images in the same way they do. they write the text.

Expert braille readers can rival the speed of those with sufficient vision, making it appear as if they are magically reading a book with their fingers. Using the same incredible skill, this unique tablet puts images virtually at users’ fingertips so they can view photos, graphs and maps instead of just reading or listening to their description.

Braille tablets aren’t exactly new, but Dot Pad takes this idea to the next level by having a large area of ​​2,400 dots grouped into 30 x 10 cells that changes in real time to reflect an image of a paired iPad and iPhone. .

There is also a smaller 20 x 1 cell area that can be used to display braille text, which is useful for images that come with their captions. The idea is to allow visually impaired people to run their fingers over those points so that they can form the correct image in their minds, rather than relying on descriptions that may be inaccurate.

Dot Pad is an innovative solution that opens wide doors for visually impaired people to enjoy the world around them and enables them to be more productive in life, because Dot Pad also allows them to better understand graphs and charts, according to Yanko Design. .


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