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A ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Revealed What Will Happen In The Fourth Season Finale

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fans of “Stranger Things” are more and more surprised because of the large number of advances that have been generated or launched via social networks in which there is more than one image, spoiler or comment that refers to what is to come in the second part of the fourth season of this fascinating series.

But to the surprise of many, he was on this occasion one of the main actors in this creation of the duffer brothers who revealed what would happen at the end of this story full of fiction, surprising images, as well as increasingly unsuspected characters who will apparently have an unexpected end. This not only surprised many, but also alarmed them, because situations arise that everyone, it seems, will regret.

And it is that it has already been speculated on several occasions that the last two chapters of this episode, in addition to lasting about two hours, They will also show new characters and one of the least expected might even die.

The ‘Stranger Things’ actor revealed the end of the fourth season

What fans least imagined “Stranger Things” is that Noah Schnapp, the actor who plays Will, will reveal an important fact that will mark the impact of the end of the fourth season, Well, it has to do with the death of one of the main characters in this plot. This shocking news was released after he was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show called The Tonight Show and was seen by thousands of viewers around the world.

This statement was so shocking that even the driver himself tried to silence him, since apparently he was even ready to name the character who would die. “We can look forward to volume 2… We have some deaths to come. A little blood and a big…I didn’t say who’s going to die…Well you can assume someone’s going to die”voiced amidst laughs and Fallon’s interruption, this young star left more than one even annoyed by his inevitable spoiler that spoils the surprise of the new part that opens on July 1st.

Schnapp never realized the reactions or the consequences that this could bring to the end of this fourth season in which The Duffer Brothers have placed all their faith and desire for it to once again be unbeatable on the streaming platform.

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