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A step towards stability. Bashagha government moves to end ‘displaced’ crisis

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Important files with which the Libyan government moves, at the forefront of which comes the “crisis of the displaced” of its cities in the interior of the country.

One of the most prominent problems of the displaced is the population of the Libyan city of Murzuq, located near the border with Chad in the extreme south, which has been suffering the forced displacement of nearly 5,000 families to separate areas throughout the country. since the war. attack by ISIS terrorists supported by Chadian mercenaries in the city in the early morning of August 23, 2019, which forced people to leave the area, after their houses were burned and their livelihoods looted by those terrorist militias.

The terrorists and mercenaries relied on expanding the social gap between the people of the city and the taboo component to take control, after which former Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj appeared, declaring “the liberation of the city”, as he described her. but the terrorist threat still prevents the return of the displaced to the region.


The Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Libya, Salem Al-Zadama, has held a meeting with the displaced people of the city of Murzuq to listen to their suffering and problems and solve them, and to work for their return to their homes, in order to achieve stability and preserve the social fabric, and renounce hate speech and racism in Fezzan.

Speaking to “Al-Ain News”, Salem Al-Zadma confirmed that the Libyan government pays close attention to the issue of displaced persons and displaced persons throughout Libya, especially in southern Libya.

He added that the Libyan government has the task of laying the foundations for stability and peace through comprehensive national reconciliation and reparation, and working to resolve differences and disputes through dialogue, the convergence of points of view and the dissemination of the values ​​of tolerance and social harmony, so that there is a solid basis for holding parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible.

He pointed out that the people of the city suffered from the failure of the previous government in this matter, despite the establishment of a committee dealing with the displaced people of Murzuq.

He explained that he did not attend to their problems and problems, but on the contrary, the aid was suspended and a rental subsidy was granted, only to find himself suffocated and in severe coexistence crises.

Border security

Muhammad Abdel Nour, one of the Murzuq notables and a participant in the delegation that met with the deputy prime minister of the Libyan government, said that the city’s notables and sheikhs presented their suffering.

Speaking to “Al-Ain Al-Akhbar”, Abdel Nour explained that all the problems of the displaced were presented and the need to resolve the crisis between them and the Tebu and reduce the burdens of life on them.

He explained that the deputy prime minister promised to take responsibility for returning the displaced to their homes in the Murzuq area and to secure the town, pointing to the previous Sarraj government as the main reason for their displacement.

He noted that people are looking for hope in the new government that seeks to stabilize Libya through its movements, care for its displaced and cooperate with the Libyan army to confront Chadian gangs.

He stressed that the deputy prime minister of the Government of Libya stated that the archive of Murzuq and his people, and the development of the south, is one of the important archives that the stability government, led by Fathi Bashagha, attaches great importance to.

good move

The head of the civil society commission in the city, Wassim Taj al-Din, said that the new Libyan government’s moves towards the displaced, who have suffered marginalization by successive governments, are successful.

Speaking to “Al-Ain Al-Akhbar”, Taj Al-Din expressed his wish that the government be named after his name, which is stability and the return of the displaced residents of Murzuq to their homes.

He added that the government’s agreement with the army will bring security and people back to their homes by supporting the armed forces in confronting Chadian militias, smugglers and others who threaten our security.

He added that the new Libyan government must take care of the south, especially the scorpion sera, and not ignore its people, as the previous government led by Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba did.

The head of the civil society commission in the city called on the new government to strengthen the police and support the army in the area to establish security, and work on the real development of the south, which previously suffered from marginalization.

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