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A soap opera actress sells her used underwear and causes a stir

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“I’m not just a soap opera actress, I’m a current woman, who lives, who dreams, who works, who is happy and who likes to adapt to new changes because they don’t scare me”, this is how the Colombian actress Aura Cristina Geithner the world.

She now gives something to talk about because it came to her mind sell your used underwear “They are very fine, very pretty, I wear them and I am very careful, very hygienic. I do not deliver dirty thongs but they are impregnated with my personal smell”, confides the model and singer.

We know that a little over a year ago, the “filly zaina” opened her channel on OnlyFans, the subscription content platform where she is her own boss.

Now the singer too, has embarked on a new project that is just as sensual and daring which consists of reselling your used underwear. “They’re very thin, very pretty, I wear them and I’m very careful, very hygienic. I don’t deliver dirty thongs but they are infused with my personal smell,” she told the Al TV show. Rojo Vivo, broadcast by Telemundo).

Bold at 52

“I’m daring, sensual, I play disguise a lot, with lingerie, with transparencies,” said Geithner, 52. The actress shows off her collection of tiny pieces and wanted to take advantage of her popularity on OnlyFans to sell her used pieces, even though she insists they are like new.

When it started on the payment platform it was criticized and it caused a scandal, but now he is enjoying the moment and the most important thing is that he has the support of his family. “With the approval of her son Demian dos Santos and those close to her, the entrepreneur cares little about what those who don’t know her say. “At this stage of my existence, my life does not depend on what other people think, since they speak through their judgments, their prejudices and their paradigms”, he confessed to our magazine. “I have long since freed myself from this because what I have built of myself is much stronger, more valuable and wiser,” he quoted. People.

“You can’t live in the past”

If this actress is crystal clear about anything, it’s that she can’t live on past glories. She is not afraid of changes, let alone updates, which is why she is very active on social networks. Currently, he also continues to participate in other audiovisual projects such as the Chichipatos series on Netflix.

He also entered the world of music. “You have to update yourself and take advantage of the opportunities that technology gives you, you can’t live from the past, from the glories you had and what worked at the time,” said the Colombian.

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