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A robotic nose could help recognize diseases

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Technological advances are constantly looking for the best weapons to help prevent and fight the different diseases that affect human beings. Regardless of the degree of complication, it is essential to always have on hand elements that make the work more bearable for the doctors and, of course, the most positive and best possible result.

In China, an unprecedented invention promises to help medical science in the future, thanks to a robotic nose which would have the quality of recognizing certain diseases thanks to the breath of human beings.


Chinese researchers say the new diagnostic technique derived from olfaction has the ability to recognize chemical compounds in breath, sweat, tears and other bodily emissions. The field is very young and attracts researchers from many disciplines, such as chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science, materials science, and of course doctors, who meet patients on a daily basis, who do not have the used to talking to each other, who often employ different methodologies and often don’t even use the same terms.

When you smell perfume, flowers or spices, or suffer from the smell of pollutants, what the body really senses are volatile organic compounds, chemicals that have a low boiling point and that evaporate easily. Simply put, they are volatile and these chemicals as a group are called volatile organic compounds.

If researchers and clinicians are able to categorize the fingerprints of different diseases, and engineers are able to develop devices that can quickly identify those fingerprints, it could spark a revolution in medicine’s ability to diagnose and, finally, to treat diseases.

Bonus: With just one breath, any invasive diagnostic procedure can be replaced, meaning the tests would also become painless, unlike many existing diagnostic techniques.

Source metroecuador.com

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