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A referee suffered a physical attack mid-match by a player

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Sad and scandalous, but once again violence has taken hold of Argentine football and it seems that the situation, in addition to spiraling out of control, is part of an unhappy daily life that leaves us with date after date of unusual episodes. This time the act went seriously overboard: a player punched a female referee!

The cowardly act happened this Saturday, July 30, in a match of the Third Division corresponding to the Regional Football League of the Tres Arroyos Buenos Aires match between the Deportivo Garmense and Independencia teams, of Adolfo González Chávez, after a discussion following an arbitral decision the main judge of the match, Dalma Cortaldi, received a brutal blow from the player of Deportivo Garmense, Cristian Tirone.

At the time of the attack, the victim did not see what was coming, which would later leave her hospitalized for hours in a hospital, since the terrible blow caught her off guard when the attacker done while she was on her back. The police intervened ex officio to execute the arrest of the violent 34-year-old player and his subsequent transfer to a police station.

The referee denounced the player

Dalma Magali Cortadi, a referee who is only 24, said in an interview for Urbana Play that she had filed a criminal complaint against her attacker. The player was housed in a police unit in connection with the case labeled ‘minor injuries and also for violation of law 11.829 on sporting events’.

The woman said she was released the same Saturday, however, due to the contusion, she needs to rest in order to fully recover from the subsequent injuries. ” I lost consciousness. He punched me in the skull. I fall and when I get up, I feel dizzy and I want to vomit.

If he acknowledged that violence invades sport and especially football in Argentina, Cotardi still does not recover from his astonishment by acknowledging that he did not expect to exceed the limits in terms of gender aggression. “I didn’t think the man would come and rape me, it’s the last thing you think about. When I write down the player’s number, I feel the kick in the back, I don’t remember anything else There are always incidents of violence on the courts, but this is the first time it has happened with a woman and that is why there is so much rejection.

Source metroecuador.com

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