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A prayer for the deceased in Ramadan…a bouquet of the best supplications

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Muslims often seek a prayer for the deceased in the month of Ramadan, even before it comes for a while, because its days are blessed, during which it is preferable to pray for loved ones, who live among them and the deceased.

With the beginning of the holy month, those who fast remember their loved ones who have lost them, especially if the death was recent, and have nothing but supplication and charity for them, so what is the best supplication for the dead in Ramadan?

The holy month of Ramadan is the month of fasting, standing and recitation of the Koran, the month of emancipation, mercy and forgiveness, the month of alms and charity, a month in which the gates of Paradise are opened and good deeds multiply, a month in which prayers are answered, grades are raised, sins are forgiven and God is generous with his servants with all kinds of dignity.

The fast of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam that God has imposed on all Muslims, so whoever reaches the month and is healthy and not sick, or a resident and does not travel, fasting becomes a legal duty for him, either performing or making ready for it

An exception to this is very advanced old age, and those who have a chronic and serious illness from which it cannot be cured, these two cannot fast during Ramadan, neither to compensate nor to perform it.

Fasting according to Islamic law is “abstaining and abstaining with the intention of spoiling the fast and all things that break the fast, from sunrise of the second sunrise to sunset”, which means that fasting is abstaining from eating anything tangible that enters a person’s stomach during a specified period, ranging from sunrise to sunset.

The intention is one of the conditions for the heart and determination to adhere to the intention to be rewarded. In order for the servant to distinguish by his actions between the habit and the cult, fasting is considered obedience and approach to Almighty God.

“Al-Ain News” reviews the most beautiful supplications for the deceased in Ramadan, and the best words that can be prayed for the deceased in this holy month.

The most beautiful prayer for the dead in Ramadan.

Muslims accept supplications for the departed in Holy Ramadan, and do so a lot during good times and blessed days, especially Laylat al-Qadr, and before dawn by calling for prayers and with iftar.

Here is a package for the best supplication for the deceased in Ramadan:

O God, have mercy on those who used to rejoice at the arrival of the month of Ramadan and whose life ended before it came.

– O God, (the name of the deceased) is under your protection and the rope by your side, be aware of the trials of the grave and the torment of the Fire, and you are the people of loyalty and truth, and forgive him. and have mercy on him in this holy month, that you are the Forgiver, the Merciful.

O Allah, O tenderness, O Manan, O ample forgiveness, forgive our dead, have mercy on him, forgive him, forgive him, honor his home, widen his entrance, wash him with water, snow and cold, O Allah, forget him in his loneliness and miss him in his loneliness and miss him in his loneliness.

– O God, have mercy on believers, believers, Muslims and Muslims, the living among them and the dead.

– Oh God, there are people in the graves that we love and who loved us. O God, we ask you in every name that belongs to you to forgive them and have mercy on them. O God, make room for them in their graves. , and turn it into a kindergarten of the gardens of Paradise, and do not turn it into a pit of fire. .

Oh God he is your servant and you created him and took his soul and guided him to Islam and you know his secret and open and we came to intercede for him so forgive him.

– O God, I ask you in this hour, if the deceased is in happiness, then increase his happiness and your blessings on him, and if he is in torment, save him from your torment, and you are the rich, the praiseworthy For your mercy, O Merciful of the merciful.

– Oh God, we beg you, and by you we swear, that you have pity on him, and do not torment him, and that you try it when they ask you to.

Oh God, have mercy on those whose lives beat in our memory, their places are empty among us and their voices disappear from our ears, and make our long meeting the highest paradise, oh Karim.

– My Lord, do not deprive our dead of your forgiveness when their work has been cut off and there is no light for them.

O God, have mercy on those whose bodies were covered with shrouds, and whose bones were mixed with dust.

O Allah, O gifted stretcher of hands, O near, O answerer of the supplicant’s supplication if he calls, O tenderness, O Manan, O Merciful of the merciful, O Creator of heaven and earth, O One, O Samad , give the deceased please and your kindness, have mercy on him and forgive him, O Lord of the worlds.

There is also a lot of quest for supplications for those we have lost, entitled “A prayer for the dead in Ramadan is short”, and you can pray for them as follows:

– Oh God, in this holy month, I ask you that if he was a doer of good, then increase his good deeds, and if he was abusive, then ignore his bad ones.

O Allah, purify them from sins and sins as a white garment is purified from impurities by your mercy, O Merciful of the merciful.

– O Lord, if we neglect to pray for the dead, then you are the Unforgettable Generous, grant them bliss, contentment and joy.

Oh God, have mercy on those who were waiting for Ramadan with us, forgive them and join them in the highest paradise of Paradise.

– Oh God, illuminate the tombs of our dead, may God have mercy on them and forgive them all.

– Oh soul rest in heaven, and forgive him Aarahman.

O God, have mercy on him, O Merciful One, and transcend what you know, O All-Knowing.

– Oh God, replace him with a home better than his home, and a family better than his family.

O God, deliver him into Paradise and save him from the punishment of the grave and the torment of Fire.

– Oh God, admit him to Paradise without discussing an account, and there is no precedent for torment.

O God, make him forget his loneliness, and forget his loneliness.

O God, make his grave a garden of the gardens of Paradise, and do not make it a pit of the pits of Hell.

There is also a lot of research titled “A prayer for my father who died in Ramadan”, and it is possible to pray for him in the following way:

– Oh God, my father is under your protection and the rope by your side, so understand him from the trial of the grave and the torment of the fire, and you are the people of loyalty and truth, so forgive him and have mercy of the. him, because you are the Forgiver, the Merciful.

O God, have mercy on my father as I was brought up when I was young, O God, do not deprive us of his reward and do not turn us aside after him, O God, make light to his right and light to his left and before him light and above him light until you send him safe and reassuring in the light of your light.

– Lord, make my father’s place in the highest paradise the number of my heart’s desire for him.

– Oh God, make room for my father in his tomb, extend his sight, and cleanse his tomb from the bed of Paradise.

– O God, forgive my father among the Mahdis, and replace him in his aftermath among the departed, and forgive us and him, O Lord of the worlds, and make room for him in his tomb and light for him in it.

O God, my father used to testify that there is no god but you, and that Muhammad is your servant and your messenger, and you know him best.

– Oh God, reward my father with kindness, and forgiveness and forgiveness for the abuse.

– O God, if my father was a benefactor, increase his good deeds, and if he was abusive, then overlook his bad deeds, and make his grave a meadow in the gardens of Paradise, and do not turn it into a well of the pits. from hell.

– Oh God, my father, your servant, the son of your servant and the son of your slave died while giving you testimony of the unity of God, and your messenger with martyrdom, so forgive him because you are the Forgiver.

– Oh God, I will keep my father under your throne on the day when there is no shadow but your shadow, and nothing remains but your face.

– O God, grant my father’s book, and make his feet firm on the day when feet slip. O God, write it of the just, of the truthful, of the martyrs, and of the righteous.

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