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A new virus can easily penetrate Android phones

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According to Pilling Computer, a new virus has started that can steal data from Android device users. According to sources, the new Trojan virus can now steal Google’s multi-factor authentication codes, as well as the ability to control Android devices, record voice and take photos, and steal user data on their phones.

The company said it discovered the existence of a hacking forum on the “Dark Beast” platform, where the virus developer is promoting its new version under the name “Escobar Bot Android Banking Trojan”.

How can “Escobar Trojan” virus harm Android smartphone users?
Like most banking viruses, Escobar virus displays overlay login forms to hijack user interactions with online banking applications and websites. The main goal of the virus is to steal enough information to allow cybercriminals to take over victims’ bank accounts and perform unauthorized financial transactions.

Cybercriminals have reportedly expanded the group of targeted banks and financial institutions to 190 entities from 18 countries in the latest release.

The virus requires 25 permissions, of which 15 are being misused for malicious purposes. Damages include accessibility, voice recording, SMS reading, reading and writing storage, getting account list, disabling key lock, making calls, and accessing the exact location of the device. device.

“Everything the malware collects is uploaded to the C2 server, including call logs, key logs, notifications, and Google codes,” the report says. “All of these will be enough to help criminals get past two-factor authentication defenses and gaining access to the bank. Account information.

How can Android users protect themselves from this virus?
In general, Android users can reduce the chances of infecting their smartphones by following these important tips:
– Do not install APK files outside the Play Store
Make sure “Google Play Protection” feature is enabled on your devices
– When installing a new app from any source, pay attention to unusual permission requests and monitor the app’s battery and network consumption statistics for the first few days to identify any suspicious activity.

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