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A new version of the Zoom application offers entertainment and games for users

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The online video conferencing application company Zoom has released a new version of the application called Zoom 5.10. It contains many new features that allow users to play games and entertainment while communicating through the app.

Cnet.com, which specializes in technology issues, indicated that the new version of the Zoom application allows users to access the Amazon Twitch live streaming platform, record and send video messages through the Amazon chat service. Zoom, use images of animals during video conferences and more. .

The Zoom application had achieved great diffusion during the emerging Corona virus pandemic in the years 2020 and 2021, as it became an easy way to communicate between people, whether at work or social level.

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With the return of companies to work from offices, as an alternative to the teleworking system that most companies resorted to during the pandemic, Zoom continued to be used as a complementary tool in the day-to-day activities of companies.

The new version of the Zoom app included six new features, available to all users, unless there is an option for another.

These features are live streaming from Twitch and exchanging video messages during the conversation.

It also included the ability to share audio content and all forms of content through subchat rooms, the ability to send pictures of drawn animals through chat rooms, transfer phone calls and voice mail, and finally the ability to to configure the sidebar and folders in the Zoom service to chat.


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