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A man shouted ‘let work’ during the indigenous march led by Leonidas Iza

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The President of CONAIE, Leonidas Isajoined the mobilizations in Quito this Wednesday, June 22 at Indo-America Square with thousands of natives. The leader crossed out that he will lead a march in the north of the capital and highlighted the demilitarization of El Arbolito Park to start dialogue.

During the passage of the walk in the avenue Amazon and Republic an incident with a citizen was recorded. The latter, dressed as a doctor, shouted to those present that “let work”.

This sentence aroused the annoyance of the dozens of people present, who crossed the area around the Chamber of Commerce to claim it. However, iza (loudspeaker in hand) called for calm and to continue their peaceful mobilization as far as Avenue The United Nations.

After the incident, which did not escalate, they regrouped and continued on their way with slogans against the government and asking for better opportunities for the people.

The Minister of the Ecuadorian Government, Francisco Jiménez, asked the head of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie)Leonidas Iza, begins a dialogue this Wednesday to try to overcome the mobilizations which have already lasted for ten days.

In a video posted on Twitter and sent by the presidency on Wednesday, Jiménez recalled having told Iza that they had “reliable and impartial negotiation mechanisms that allow them to bring positions closer”.

And he noted that the government has accepted “the call of the UN, the European Union and more than 300 civil society organizations for, through dialogue”, positions to be discussed openly.

He questioned the fact that Iza imposes conditions on the dialogue process, “endangering the tranquility of those who want to live, work and progress in unity”.

“The violence has gotten out of control. They themselves said that they had infiltrators, that there were people who sow chaos and destruction,” he said.

And he added: “A sincere dialogue does not admit of conditions, Mr. Iza. we have urgent national problems to solve and violence is not the solution”.

Source metroecuador.com

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