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A man shot dead his wife, Mexican singer Yrma Lydya, in a restaurant

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Attorney Jesús Hernández Alcocer after his arrest at the Suntory restaurant in Mexico City on June 23, 2022.SSC

A murder of a woman in a restaurant has attracted attention in the last few hours. A 79-year-old man killed his 21-year-old wife at a Japanese diner in the Valle neighborhood. It turned out that both are acquaintances. She, Yrma Lydya, because she was a singer of Mexican Sones who participated in the great tour. It is known that he worked as a lawyer and had relationships with people of highly questionable reputations such as Genaro García Luna, former Secretary of Security and prisoner incarcerated in the United States for his drug dealings. Jesús Hernández Alcocer was also reportedly counsel for Bishop Onesimo Cepeda Silva of Ecatepec when he was accused of fraud. The universal. According to some sources, he is not a lawyer himself, so he also committed fraud by practicing as such.

Among the thousands of murders recorded throughout the year in Mexico, this one had a major impact because it took place in a busy restaurant in a middle-class neighborhood where many of the customers come with their bodyguards. Around 9 p.m. shots were fired in the Suntory. According to some guests, the couple had dinner and scribbled notes on the table. Before everyone’s astonishment, Jesús Hernández Alcocer shot his partner in the head and was assisted by his bodyguard, a man with a shaved head and dark glasses, who tried to take him out of the scene. I can’t because other private security guards have been holding him down. Bank police officers were also involved in the arrest, and several police officers later arrived at the scene. Both Hernández and his bodyguard were arrested, according to the Mexico City Security Secretariat.

Coroners remove the body of Yrma Lydya from the Suntory restaurant in Mexico City on June 23, 2022.
Coroners remove the body of Yrma Lydya from the Suntory restaurant in Mexico City on June 23, 2022.Rogelio Morales (Cuartoscuro)

Yrma Lydya’s companions mourned the death of the artist, who had already recorded several albums and acted, as some videos recall today in the show Grandiosas, which brings together voices of Mexican folk songs. The Grandiosas Tour 2022 wrote on Instagram: “Our deepest condolences to Yrma Lydya. You shared the stage with us and it is sad to say goodbye today. Our condolences go to his family and friends. Rest in peace”. Other women such as Jeanette, Angélica Carrasco, María Conchita Alonso, María del Sol, Dulce or Alicia Villarreal played in the show.

According to entertainment journalist Gilberto Barrera, the singer’s break into the entertainment world was thanks to Carlos Quiñones, a big radio businessman who “also had a love affair for a while. They didn’t end very well,” says Barrera, also director of TVyNovelas. “He had a limited career but a very good voice, maybe he still lacked artistic elements to grow as a performer. Quiñones was the one who popularized it,” adds Barrera.

A witness who told what happened The universal He said they tried to help the woman but she stopped responding. And that they took to the streets to stop a patrol and stop the attacker from escaping. The witness also pointed out that the agents who intervened clashed because of their competition at the scene of the events. He has criticized police log errors. He has also said that the murdered woman’s husband offered money to the bank police so that they would release him.

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