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A list of gasoline prices in the countries of the world..war confuses the accounts

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For the sixteenth of this March, the website “Motor One” revealed the latest list of fuel prices in the world, the cost per gallon.

And it is that the American website specialized in automotive news released two lists, the first of which includes the countries in which a gallon of fuel is sold at the highest cost, and the countries in which it is sold at the lowest cost a gallon of “2.8 liters”. .

This comes amid a large-scale price fluctuation crisis sweeping the globe due to the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict.

Today, oil prices exceeded 109 dollars, after negotiations between Russia and Ukraine broke down.

Within the list of countries with the lowest cost per gallon of fuel for cars, the following countries were located:

Algeria, at $1.21 a gallon.

Then Kuwait, at $1.30 a gallon.

Then Russia, at $1.63 per gallon.

Then Malaysia, at $1.84 per gallon.

Then Bolivia, at $2.06 per gallon.

Then Qatar, at $2.18 per gallon.

Then Egypt, at $2.28 per gallon.

Then Oman, at $2.35 a gallon.

Then Saudi Arabia, at $2.35 a gallon.

Then Columbia, at $2.36 a gallon.

The most expensive countries in gasoline prices

After that, the site revealed the list of countries that experienced the largest increase in the cost of a gallon of fuel for cars as of March 16, including:

Portugal, at $8.40 a gallon.

Then Iceland, at $8.40 a gallon.

Then Denmark, at $8.50 a gallon.

Then Greece, at $8.74 per gallon.

Then Norway, at $8.83 per gallon.

Then Italy, at $9.08 per gallon.

Then Germany, at $9.12 per gallon.

Then Finland, at $9.12 per gallon.

Then Holland, at $9.20 per gallon.

Then Hong Kong, at $10.89 a gallon.

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