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A life without aging… 6 tips to age gracefully

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The stage of physical, cognitive, reproductive, and intellectual decline generally begins at age 35 and continues to develop over the following years.

Although the passage of life is something inevitable that cannot be ignored, the good news is that there are effective self-care techniques and steps to slow this process and add years to your youth by staying healthy and taking care of yourself.

“Aging is a process that depends on both internal and external factors, and you can work to advance over time and be in the best possible health,” says Dr. Marbella Martínez, from the Center (Sinaspiel) of Plastic Surgery in Valencia , Spain.

There is a certain consensus that the biological aging process begins in the middle of the third decade of life, that is, between 34-35 years of age, according to this specialist in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine.

But Martínez pointed out at the same time the need to pay attention to crucial things such as diet, weight, sleep and daily habits, with special attention to the level of stress, all of which are a key factor in the prevention of diseases and the aging. .

“For some reason, there are people in their 50s who look younger and more energetic than others in their 40s,” he explained.

Martínez affirms that this can be achieved by following a new concept called “Beautyaging” or (aging attractively), which consists of taking healthy measures to accompany the passing of the years and achieve both external and internal beautification, without neglecting the step. of safe weather.

For her part, Dr. María Teresa Achekes, Director of the Center (Sensibile), highlighted that “plastic surgery, which improves the external appearance, and aesthetic medicine for the rejuvenation of the face and body, which positively changes the quality and texture of the skin”. the skin of the face and body, as well as new concepts of anti-aging medicine. It has a triple effect on public health.

In this context, Achikis and Martinez articulate the six main pillars of ‘Age Gravitational’:

1- Be positive

More important than any cosmetic treatment and more important than cosmetic tools and cosmetics, you must maintain a positive problem-solving disposition because this is an essential component of aging well.

2- Sleep well

During sleep, the mind organizes itself and gets rid of excesses, the body regenerates and the tissues hydrate, as if everything were regenerated to start over. So getting seven to nine hours of sleep, or eight hours a day, is very important.

3- Necessary nutritional supplements

Although Martínez acknowledges that it is a topic of discussion, he supports taking some nutritional supplements, “especially in situations such as pregnancy, daily exercise, a vegetarian diet or taking medication, because they make it difficult to absorb nutrients,” but in the end, at the same time, careful not to overdo it.

4- Cosmetic follow-up

From the age of 35, the body begins to gradually lose collagen and elastin, responsible for the cohesion and elasticity of the tissues, causing them to sag, and the first wrinkles also begin to appear.

Among the most effective and demanded solutions to treat this problem are botox treatment to eliminate wrinkles, hydration with hyaluronic acid, microneedling to rejuvenate skin cells, peeling to combat blemishes and other treatments.

Martineth also recommends doing a facial cleansing and “exfoliation” every three months.

5- Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery, which would bring a greater transformation, is not a preventive treatment, but it can help improve our physical appearance and our vision of ourselves and therefore our morale, so it can be included in the concept of attractive aging.

6- Oxidation balance

“Aging is related to the oxidation of cells, which generates chemicals called free radicals,” says Martínez.

To reduce the effect of these free radicals, we must seek the so-called “redox balance”, which can be enhanced by avoiding habits such as: smoking, alcohol consumption, excessive exposure to sunlight and places with a large amount of pollution, as are all things, it has a great oxidizing power.

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