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A Korean doctor says that people who have not yet had the virus have no friends

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People who have not yet contracted COVID are unlikely to have friends, according to a South Korean doctor. “Adults who have not yet contracted COVID-19 are the ones with interpersonal problems,” Ma Sang-hyuk, vice president of the Korean Vaccine Society, wrote on Facebook on March 16, the South Korean daily Korea Herald reported.

After initial criticism, the doctor deleted the post, but the screenshots soon spread online, the newspaper reports. On Tuesday, Ma Sang-hyuk told the New Daily news site that her Facebook comment about her was “metaphorical.”

“It is worth emphasizing how difficult it is to avoid the virus in a situation where there is a high rate of confirmed cases in the region,” he says.

On the same day Ma made his comment, South Korea recorded a record 400,741 new coronavirus cases. The total number of COVID cases in South Korea topped 10 million on Wednesday, accounting for about 20 percent of the population, according to Reuters. Almost 52 million people live in South Korea.

As the number of serious cases and deaths in the country increases, the number of daily deaths peaked at 429 last Friday, funeral homes and crematories are overwhelmed at the moment, the news agency said.

Business Insider has reached out to Ma Sang-hyuk for comment.

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