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A Fundación La Caixa program improves self-determination in 50 Spanish schools



The directors and directors of studies of 50 Spanish schools, including 16 in Catalonia, have used the Foundation’s EduCaixa Learning Leadership Program The Caixa to improve “the commitment, commitment and empowerment” of their teachers and students in their centers.

As the foundation said in a statement on Wednesday, this model of educational leadership, based on inclusion, proximity and collaboration, “had a general impact in the classrooms, the monasteries and the centers that lead the management teams enrolled in the program.

Among the reported results, 98% of school leaders state that teachers show higher levels of engagement and motivation.

“I was able to convey to them the vision of the school model that we want, motivating teachers, distributing roles and creating spaces for dialogue and pedagogical debate,” said Rita Lasso de Vega, Director of Studies at the Teodoro Llorente School in Valencia.

The program also confirms that 67% of participants also perceive higher student motivation and better outcomes.

“When there is a culture of continuous learning among the teachers in an institute, the students perceive that too,” explained Institute Badalona VII Director Núria Jorba, while other directors note an increase in attention, responsibility and autonomy well-being and cohesion among the students.

The head of the La Caixa Foundation’s EduCaixa program, Maria Espinet, has assured that it is the management teams that “can add up and complement each other’s different variables. They are responsible for orchestrating all the elements of a learning enhancement center”.

The program is divided into three phases throughout the study and focuses on aspects such as the skills of a good educational leader, promoting the professional learning of the teaching team, implementing and evaluating changes and improvements based on evidence, and establishing a shared vision and culture.


Source europapress.es

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