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A formatge reneix des de la mort, in the desert

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A white sun will roast / cremate tot quan és viu kills the natural green of the few ametllers unvinclats i secs, corpses, a landscape and a finite life. The brightness and the xylella torment the pletes d’ullastres and the green vinya – so much vinya. Les pitres, donardes, pites, it is dry and chew them atzavares, they canyes; they are external, with all però they go to the cemetery of the món del segle XXI.

An unbearable basca between the levies and the quatre, l’alè de la mort en punt, an overwhelming baf taca i crivella les tomàtigues veres, veritables. A Palma, a migdia to can Nofre, a classic family restaurant in Costitx, by great smugglers and professionals, so popular but so rollicking that they bring to the table a toimàtiga de l’hort that doesn’t need olive oil or salt. I’m a squid amb tumbet sensory theater of a porter. bo Tumbet: Potato, Alberginia, Carabassó and Tomàtiga in Salt and Prebot without Lime.

On es Cruce de Sant Rafel d’Eivissa, un migdia tòrrot, fan entrepans d’emergència, allò on hi there were assemblies against the Matas highways, a subject that was referred to Sicily Sinn Morts, the novel by Guillem Frontera that IB3, Filmin, Àpunt and TV3 start late, fiction and reality, produced by Nova Television, by the three Germans Serra with Lluis Prieto as director. Yes veurem que quantities.

In the heart of Mallorca, the landscape is tremola i fa miratges, bellumes alluny. Hello has Mapes Sense partitions, antic power of conquest i redols esquarterats often pels humils, poor. Mig quarto, mitja quarterades, un sementer gros de senyor.

The plans of Vilafranca, Petra, Ariany, Sant Joan, Llubí, Santa Margalida, Sineu… are a Mallorca not dotted with mass asphalt or scattered houses. Dry, drop by drop on the Pell d’argila, the traditional minimal horts with the smell of Sofre and the Grec Mig Agre from Les Tomatigueres, the Sofre and the Coure. A Brut de Llubí, Can March de Manacor, S’Estanc Vell de Petra, Es Moli de Sineu. So different and distant that it is possible to find part of what Mallorca is, the Mon, the land and the sea.

Amb la lle ecològica de les vaques de sa Teulera, in Miquel Villalonga Maimó, néixer has a Formatgera jewel from Pinaró de ses Monges. Bordall, Petites Natural Fish, Sense to Heal, Embolizations with Fulla de Canya Verda and Fermades with Ràfia. The format was reborn after the dead and tragic, by the very young and surviving Mai Grimalt, the anarchist format of Son Macià, on the border between Manacor and Felanitx. Miquel Villalonga, will sell the goats of cop i fermà -of course-; They have a single little girl from May, says Bàrbara.

“Fet a quatre mans i salat de records. Sweet and bitter notes. Creamy texture.” Diu the formatter who studied at the UOC and is also deleted. ‘Novice’ the formatge blue thus rewarded is purely a memory (not that in prenen llenques com si fos tòfona blanca, an any i mig després de fer- se i finir la formatgera Bordalll, el brot que neix per davall els empelts dels Trees , tea designed by Maggie Adrover who was Vinagrella and is now fa dir ‘Marmolamans’ as abans feia an es Pinaró In Miquel they distribute their Fish to each alternatiu lloc of Manacor, Felanitx, Portocolom and Terranostra de Palma Pay the pepa It’s not a relic, it’s a proposal to d’altres notables of Menorca, of goat in llibertat, Pollença, Inca, Llucmajor.

Menjar, gaudir, is the difficult grasp of the design in the Temps, the episòdic goig

To the Pla de Termenor ran Petra, a guard of 200 d’ovelles, to the sun, threeca depresa cap enlloc pel rostol daurat de la terra blanca eixuta sinne a bri or fruit to Rosegar. The troupe of Potons sostre l’illa eixuta alça alça polseguera com al desert que fa l’aparença. Les vertòles i les giltes de mè/anyell/xai/moltó.

A great home does not blossom vell davalla al pou del seu trosset conrat, adesat, despredegat, brodat with a vanova de noivança, near the freshness and the water i davalla with always dins the pou of the farm to refresh, refresh and stay dead cau no poc bid or li hit a cap grab. Pages mort d’un accident or d’un cop de calor. Per allà devora, posem per cas per Son Macià, the Manacor eater, a poblet buit per davall de secrets cisternes per agar tabac, genre d’estraperlo.

Catalina Obrador, a unique artist of the Cotorres de Santanyi Comanda, defends the Sineu Teleclub for the gifts of love and the art sense of the bondage of the market in this industry of Francoism for the duration of the television and the society, folklore and moral world of the dictatorship to the cities of Die faithful public presence of Santanyinera – desires of the people – remains withdrawn behind the curtains on the stage. Me Catalina and the Choir of Gifts eat peanuts or paint while she writes radical and sensitive lyrics about the Gifts. A llaüt motor, dins mar i amb ones fa soundtrack, powerful acoustic action captured by Rafa, a Leonese with gals d’estudi i bonhomia.

Aquest Juliol Mediterranean, also Africa, Cel de Fus lead, Menjarem desert sand, which flies senselessly, swims and gives a lot of bad life to people, animals and plants. A terra i dins mar, the air scalds Alè and Pell, the salt water is lukewarm and cloudy. Semper sembla el darrer estiu, el mai no vist. L’ambient de forn encès i el cel de plom de pols del desert is a fan avinent moltes de coses. Ripe fruits from the refugees, dry plants, cremated trees feel fire, Eixuts, Ametlers repeated as quadres Peter Marquant, Pep-Maür Serra, ara mateix fan a Santanyí i Binissalem.

The Balearic Islands may not be permanently populated by humans for the time being, all stations, in summer overall, so dry islands, Eixutes, Torrides, when the first random visitors/residents, could be errats, perduts or fugitius haguessin sabut return to the continent, after arriving casually, in suitcases or fragile boats. Eivissa is known from the Valencian coast. I from the north from the south of França could be more complicated.

The design of traditional food provisions, coastal fish, salvage in Diuen (that are not the size of Mateixa: dorado, llobarro, turbot….), ecological, natural or biodynamic fruits of the Hort, Revenen, Els Grans Hotels. I also live on a farm, like a ‘Es Recó’ d’Artà by Toni Esteva luxe fermat signed by Cortana, Adriana Meunié and Jaume Roig, or the Finca Serena in Es Puig Moltó de Montuiri by Pau Guardans Cambó on en Llabrés de can Verdura has Cent Vinyes in white terra. They keep Gaieta in sa Pobla on which they have planted dozens of hectares of lavender while awaiting the obligatory administrative procedures.

Mallorca sense gent, in the sun, illa buida as temps. What did I have in the beginning, in the beginning? Abans i despres de la mort. Res. The question is asked rhetorically by this man from Casta Grossa, legendary, Temut, who was Miquel Barceló Perelló, is Pereió, which is a late homage to the oblidat Antoni Binimelis, an altra rare sabut però discret de Felanitx, expert in Sanskrit , assassination attempt on homeland Seva on who was his country, India. There remains the university professor Binimelis in love with the torments of the inhabitants, the harmonious and hermetic pain of Sanskrit and the mestratge of Joan Mascaró and the guidance of the ambassador, poet and translator Guillem Nadal, cappare and uncle of the hyperactive Germandat and radical sons of Joan Manel and Goncal Lopez Nadal. They are so identical fan festes and sopars d’amics de corda and diplomatic careers.

The Millor that presents this Hom Pot Fer when invited is an ensaïmada d’albercoc illenc that they will not stay. Les de Can Salem d’Algaida are very honest, simple and straightforward. A mica like the Forns d’Esment, Amadip, is still Pes de sa Palla de Palma, Inca or Palmanova. The work of social integration is more than worthy, also fogons hi deixà mestratge na Marga Coll de Miceli de Sleva i Inca.

Menjar, gaudir, is the difficult grasp of the design in the Temps, the episòdic goig. Arran de Mar near the horizon and the blue ink of the sea. “Els escorballs (corvines) are bons els temps dels albercocs que segon long,” says Antònia i Llorenç from Bar Cala. The fish don’t mention pools, but they do have cycles when the warm water isn’t digging and scaling.

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