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A “five-headed” creature “explodes” Tik Tok, what is its origin?

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Is the Demogorgon real? A creature quite similar to the monster in the series Stranger Things or Dungeons and Dragons went viral ICT Tac. The animal has “five heads” and sharp teeth that seem to be taken from a fantasy book.

In the recording, we see how a person holds this being in his hand and puts a crab leg in his mouth, which the animal does not hesitate to bite. However, in addition to being a fantastic creature, the explanation ends up reassuring the fantasy lovers.

First, it was clarified that it is not a five-headed entity, but five specimens of the same species wielded by the same person.

They are not a mythological species, rather, they are fish called worm gobies or glass eel gobies. Their natural habitat is muddy waters in Asia, Australia or Africa, so in America they turn out to be strange.

However, their diet consists of eating meat. Their main food is small fish; There are up to 25 types of this unique animal.

Gobies get their name from their characteristic appearance. The head of these fish is very large, the body tapers evenly to the tail.

Its color is condescending, but its type varies a lot according to the living conditions of each species. For example, gobies in temperate zones are modest in color, mottled or shaded with black, gray or greenish.

The animal was linked to a Stranger Things villain

Tropical gobies are colored in all colors of the rainbow, they are more characteristic of a single-colored or wide geometric pattern. However, they also remain invisible against the backdrop of brilliant corals.

The extension of these animals varies from 10 to 20 centimeters, the martovik types being the largest with 50 cm of extension and 1.5 kg of weight.

Source metroecuador.com

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