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“A fire since 2016”… the headquarters of the Saudi Royal Court was not attacked

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Social media users are circulating a video that its editors say shows a fire at the Royal Court headquarters in Riyadh following a Houthi attack.

The publication of this video coincides with the terrorist attack launched by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia in recent days.

However, the video in fact shows a fire in the Jazan Emirate region building in 2016, and the recent attacks did not target the Al-Yamamah Palace, but facilities belonging to Aramco.

The video shows a thick column of smoke rising from a huge building surrounded by a wall.

The accompanying text reads: “Urgent: Yemeni Drones Destroy Al-Yamamah Palace (Headquarters of the Saudi Royal Court in Riyadh).”

The clip has attracted thousands of views since it began spreading on March 21, in the wake of a Houthi attack, which targeted Saudi Aramco facilities, including a gas station and other infrastructure facilities in the south of the country. kingdom, according to the French. news agency.

However, the Houthis did not announce the attack on the Al-Yamamah Palace, and the Saudi authorities also did not announce damage to the Royal Court headquarters or any of the government headquarters.

After breaking it down into still scenes, he directed the search to a longer version of the video posted in April 2016.

In the accompanying comments, it was claimed that the fire broke out in a transport truck that entered the building from the Jazan Emirate region of southwestern Saudi Arabia.

Subsequently, the search, using keywords such as “Jazan Emirate truck fire”, led to articles on Saudi news sites and newspapers referring to the success of civil protection teams in extinguishing this fire that broke out in a charity truck on April 9. 2016.

Circulating video elements match images of the emirate’s headquarters on Google Maps.

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